Only God Can Judge Me

Only God Can Judge Me – Something we hear all the time. I would think that knowing only God can judge me, should scare the living fire out of you!

Only God Can Judge Me

People say this all the time. However, they don’t take it seriously. If they truly believed that they wouldn’t be doing what they are doing. Knowing that only God can judge you should scare the living fire out of you. BTW, it is not what you think is right or wrong! It is what God says in His Word … The Bible!

I know people often go the wrong way to warn or tell people about the way they are living. Often than not, God uses people to convey that message. But, we stick our nose up at it. We will say only God can judge me, not you. I just think and think that if you truly mean that, you would seriously think about what you are doing and repent of it. We will face God on Judgement Day for all the actions we should have done and didn’t. Plus, the ones we didn’t show that we should have done. That should be scary enough.

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But, the Bible is also clear that we are to be fruit inspectors of our fellow brethren. There is a difference between warning and putting a judgement on someone. That mostly deals with the way you approach it. One of those being is removing the plank in your own eye first. Part of this comes into play with Church Discipline. There is a proper way to approach things. In order to find out! Read His Word!


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