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Oneida Cheerleaders Pray On Field Despite Ban

Way to take a stand to these Oneida High School cheerleaders for taking a stand on prayer despite the prayer ban.

Oneida Cheerleaders Pray On Field Despite Ban – This is local news, well it is in East Tennessee, some Oneida High School cheerleaders take prayer on the football field despite, the prayer ban at school. I say way to take a stand! We need more people to stand up for our rights as Christians that seem to be slowly being taken away.

Oneida Cheerleaders Pray On Field Despite Ban

Oneida Cheerleaders Praying (Photo: Huffington Post)
Oneida Cheerleaders Praying (Photo: Huffington Post)

“We need prayer for so many reasons especially in our community now and the troubles we face every day,” said junior Kayla King. 1

Most of these students were told they can do a moment of silence, but that didn’t go well with them. They still wanted prayer! During the moment of silence the Oneida High School cheerleaders recited the Lord’s Prayer. It may not be said over a PA system, but the cheerleaders I am sure hopes that it is heard loud and clear!

Loud and clear is right, from what I have read on it, once the cheerleaders started, most everyone in the stands joined in!

“It is your option what you do in that moment of silence and this is our option,” explained King.1

According to Kevin Acres, who sits in the booth at the OHS games, said “Far as I know we have been playing football here since 1930 and been praying ever since,” and also said “During our moment of silence, if you want to say a prayer, that would be perfectly fine.”2

I just hope more people can start to take a stand and become freedom fighters. I am proud of you ladies for taking a stand! Stay bold for Christ!

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