One Way Sign

One Way Sign
One Way Sign

In the series, Road Signs of the Bible, I plan to talk about the “One Way Sign”. When we see the One Way sign we know we can only go that way the arrow points. If we go the other way we are going the wrong way. In order to get to Heaven, there is only one way as well. That is through Jesus Christ. Jesus is telling us he will come back again in John 14. Thomas ask Jesus how can we know we will go where you are going and how can we go that way? Jesus gave Thomas a simple, but can be hard path. A one way path. John 14:6 tells us Jesus replied to Thomas. If you have a Bible with the letters in red, this will be in red. This is what Jesus replied.

“I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.

Jesus shows us there is no other one, only one way. That is through Him. It’s a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, not a religion. There is no adding things on how to get saved. You are saved by the grace of God. Our works nor deeds don’t get us to Heaven. Ephesians 2:8-9. Religious sacraments cannot get us to heaven either. There is no other  name that can save you!

Jesus also shows us he is our intercessor. We cannot see the Father, God, unless we go through Christ. We must have a total 100% surrender to Him. That is why it is a one way street. It is simple, Christ died for our sins, His Blood was shed for us. As a Christian we can’t live as we wish. We must strive to be Christ-like. If you love Christ you will keep His commandments. Also if you are of Christ, you are of the vine, which means you will show fruit that you are saved.

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Author: Steve Patterson

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6 thoughts on “One Way Sign

  1. Great idea for a series. It IS through grace and through Jesus Christ. I saw a powerful example of that this morning. I was at a women’s Bible study and one of the women brought a video clip from the news about how there are a record number of Muslims converting to Christianity right now because they have had dreams about Jesus Christ calling to them. One particular man they spoke with said he had been having dreams since childhood with this man in them but he never knew who He was, but always felt comforted by Him. Then recently, in his dream the name, ‘Jesus Christ’ came to him and he said Jesus said to him, “Come to me.” When he woke up He sought out a “home church” (hidden church in Iran to keep Christ’s followers safe from death) and was baptized, giving his life and guiding his family’s lives to Christ. So amazing that He, by grace, can reach people through the impossible. I’m looking forward to this series!

  2. Kristi Miller Thanks Yes I think so too. January is Teen Driving Awareness Month. What better time to start with Road Signs of the Bible. I have had this on my heart to do for awhile, so I just now am starting. You can see the series at this tag:
    Oh wow I haven’t heard about these dreams Muslims has been having. Very interesting. It is amazing how Christ works today. We are living at the end of times. We never know when that day will be. Thanks for the comment, Kristi.

  3. I enjoyed reading this post Steve. Yes, the only way to God is through Christ and anything else is incorrect and false. Once Christ has anointed us through the Holy Spirit, then it becomes our responsibility to get to know Him better by becoming more like Him. Thanks for sharing and this always makes a good series.

  4. Walter Kahler Thanks Walter. Yes and the Holy Spirit is our guide. To help us stay on that narrow path. You are welcome for sharing. Yes, I hope this will make a good series. There will be a lot to this series if I do a lot of road signs. I have a few already schedule for the new few days.

  5. I am looking forward to this series, Walter. This subject is such an important truth to share in an age where media portrays there being many different paths and ways to get to God, and as long as we believe something, it’s ok. But that is not what the Bible says. Thank you for sharing the truth here on your blog. -Abby (visiting from CBCE)

  6. abbymcd7 Thanks for the comment and visiting Abby. Yes, it is said that today people believe there are more than one way or steps etc to get to Heaven, when it is simple, just accept Jesus Christ. He is the only way. You are welcome for sharing the truth on here. I am glad you are looking forward to the series. I have a lot of signs to go through. I have several already scheduled to post within the next few days and others I plan to write soon and add them to the schedule postings. Make sure you follow Courageous Christian Father so you don’t miss an issue. Again Thanks for the comment.

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