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Omniscience – God is all knowing. There is nothing that God does not know.



This weeks Theological Tuesday takes us to the word omnipresence.  We have heard there are three omni’s in theology. This is just one of the three.


The first part of the word is omni-. That part just simply means all, of all things, in all ways, in all places.


The other part of the word is -science meaning knowing (knowledge).


Combined it means All Knowing. (Total Knowledge)

Dr. Danny Forshee says in Living in the Light My MyDaily Devotion © 2017 by Dr. Johnny Hunt’s devotional on Page 119.

A pastor of mine likes to say, “God is just smarter than we are.” God is omniscient, meaning He simply knows it all. We, on the other hand, are limited in what we know.


I think that can sum it up. There is nothing that God doesn’t know. He knows everything. He even knows the number of hairs on our head. Plus, He knows the number of grains of sand on earth. Not to mention, He knows the numbers of stars. God knows what we did, are doing and will do. He knows the past, present and future. There is nothing He doesn’t know. Nothing will catch Him by surprise. He is the smartest being out there.

After all God created everything … including knowledge. Proof of creation is proof of an intelligent creator. Like I mentioned God knows all about us. He knew us before we were conceived in our mother’s womb. (Jeremiah 1:5; Psalm 139:1)

We have to know that our ways our not His ways as well. See Isaiah 55:8-9.

Got Questions also sums omniscience as …

Omniscience is defined as “the state of having total knowledge, the quality of knowing everything.” For God to be sovereign over His creation of all things, whether visible or invisible, He has to be all-knowing. His omniscience is not restricted to any one person in the Godhead—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are all by nature omniscient.

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