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Old Church Building with Outhouses in Bulls Gap, TN

Old Church Building with Outhouses in Bulls Gap, TN – This church building sure does show some history to it, not only does it looks old, it also has outhouses outside. (One former name was Life Boat Baptist Church).

While filling in on a route for work, I passed this church. I turned around and took a picture of it. I knew I had to share this picture with my readers. I even had an interesting thing happen to me while there.

Old Church Building with Outhouses in Bulls Gap, TN - This church building sure does show some history to it, not only does it look old, it also has outhouses outside. (One former name was Life Boat Baptist Church). | Photo Credit: Steve Patterson
Photo Credit: Steve Patterson

I googled it and couldn’t find it, but I put in the address of a place I saw near-by and on Google Maps, it showed a church sign for Life Boat Baptist Church. According to Google Maps, the Map Photo was last updated January 2017. When I visited March 2019, there was no church sign.

If you know the prior name(s) of this church or when it was built, please feel free to share in the comments below.

I am not sure of any former names of this church or when this building was built, but it was old and you can see it is falling apart. This old church building even had two outhouses outside of the church. As you can see in the photo.

What happened to me!

Please note, I did not go up to the church or outhouses. There are signs stating no trespassing as well.

While I pulled over to take a photo, my car shut on me. It left my car running and locked. Well at least it wasn’t shut all the way. I tried to call for locksmith, Pop-A-Lock, doesn’t service where I was. I called wrecker services stating 45 mins to an hour for them to get to me.

Doing security officer work, I did have to do car unlocks. I looked around and found some sticks I could wedge in and either unlock or open the car door. I was able to use a stick to unlock my car within 10 minutes or less.

I even asked God to please help me get my car unlock and He answered my prayer! Thank you, Lord for that!

That saved me waiting time, wasting gas and even cost of an unlock, despite, I can get reimbursed on it from my insurance company.

Nevertheless, it was a blessing to see this old church building.

This church building is along 11-E in Bulls Gap, TN. It is near 25 Peaceful Valley Road, I remember the train looking sign across the street with the address. It is right on the Bulls Gap, Mosheim line area. Which is the around the county line of Hawkins County, Greene County.

Life Boat Baptist Church was said to have rented the building in 2007, time frame and was suppose to purchase land near by. No word on this yet. If I find out more, I will update this blog post.

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    1. Yes he did. A friend of my wife just moved to that area and is a photographer and shared a photo of this church. I didn’t know, until my wife told me and showed me. I was like wow! Not to mention me licking my keys in my car lol thank you for visiting and commenting .

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