Of One Accord Ministry Celebrates 30 Years of Service

Of One Accord Ministry Celebrates 30 Years of Service – A local ministry in East Tennessee that has been around for 30 years and helping in many ways to impact the community.

Of One Accord Ministry Celebrates 30 Years of Service

This ministry began in 1988 in a bedroom of a Rogersville, TN home. It was started by Sheldon Livesay who felt led by God to begin a local ministry to help feed the people in the community. He got area churches involved to create a food pantry. That first year 171 people was served and last year in 2017, 115,000. A big leap!

Of One Accord Ministry

The ministry moved to a small building in 1989 to help more families in the Hawkins County area and then another move in 1990 to another building … a bigger building. By 1996, a thrift store and food pantry as added to Sneedville, TN of Hancock County. That new facility reported to help one-third of that county. Then another expansion in 2000 to the Church Hill, TN area.

[pullquote]One of my goals is to always keep before our staff and volunteers, that each person is special with both physical and spirutal needs and our goal is to treat each with dignity as God would have us – Sheldon Livesay[/pullquote]

As you can see this ministry kept growing. Including in 2001 where they purchased a larger building in Rogersville. The Shepherd’s  Center. The building they purchased called Heilig Meyes Building. This is now where the ministry headquarters are. Yet another building purchased in 2012 and used for the Christmas programs during winter and mission team housing during the summer.

The success of this ministry is not the number of people served or the goods provided. The success of this ministry is by the number of people who give their lives to Christ. I have to agree to that. No ministry is successful unless it has people come to Christ.

Those thrift shots the money goes back to help the local needy people. Let’s not forget that only 3 cents out of a dollar is spent goes toward Administration Expenses.

In the 30 years of time more than 400 hours have …

  • ,344,315 pounds of food distrusted
  • 6,213 Senior Meals Served Off-site & 2,004 Served OnSite
  • 12,464 Lunches on four Lunch Box Buses
  • 895 Medical Office Visits
  • 3,759 Prescription
  • 1,113 Labs & Other services outside of the clinic
  • 63 pairs of eyes glasses in Hanock County
  • 2,316 free winter coats
  • 1,487 backpacks
  • 967 Children served for Christmas
  • 1,951 Christmas / Thanksgiving food boxes
  • 16 Home repairs
  • 115,395 total served with goods and services
  • 75,683 volunteer hours

Some of the services offered

  • Senior Meals
  • Food Pantry
  • Backpack Distribution
  • Lunch Box Summer Feeding Program
  • Christmas Food Boxes
  • Christmas for Children
  • Housing for Mission Teams
  • The Mission Drug Recover Program
  • Medical, Dental & Vision Missions
  • Home Repairs
  • Computer Lab with Free Wi-Fi Access
  • & More

Global Outreach

  • Haiti
  • Dominican Republic
  • Philippines
  • Africa
  • Mexico
  • India
  • Bangladesh

This ministry hopes to continue to grow and do more in the future.

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