Obstacles to Grace

This is my Talk #9 along my Walk to Emmaus in 1998. This talk was given by Bruce Marston. Again these are my notes from that talk.

Romans 3:23 tells us that all have sinned.

Hamartia is Greek for Miss the Mark

Romans 6:23 tells us the wages of sin is death (a spiritual death) but the gift of God is eternal life with Jesus in Heaven.

Sin is serious! Sin also separates us from God. People try to hide their sin from God. But God see all and knows all. Sin will cause you to do stupid stuff. Sin will cause you to do stuff you will regret. A lot of people thought they were doing good and weren’t. Even an enemy can do good. Sin is sin. We must repent (Turn away from sin – we try to sin less because we are not sinless). Sin keeps us from living. Sin keeps us from living both earthly and spiritually.

Romans 3:10 lets us know that no one is righteous.

Did you know the biggest threat to the church is the church?

My biggest threat to me is me!

Dying isn’t hard, living is.

You could have everything in the world, but truly lose yourself. God’s grace helps us find it. Obstacles of grace can  take many forms.

Who ministers to the ministers. The church does. Commit to Pastor the Pastor. Give him encouragement. Our pastor said he likes encouragement. He likes it when you say Amen! He said it gets him on fire.

The path of righteousness is very narrow and very easy to stumble. If you get out of focus, the Holy Spirit can guide you and get you back into focus.

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