Nursing observances through the year – Promoting nursing and other healthcare observances helps the community learn about these invaluable medical personnel and show appreciation for all that they contribute. #Nursing #Nurses #NursesDay

Nursing observances through the year

Also known as Nursing Holidays throughout the year.

Nursing observances through the year - Promoting nursing and other healthcare observances helps the community learn about these invaluable medical personnel and show appreciation for all that they contribute.

Nurses put in long hours as they work tirelessly to advocate for their patients. While any time of year is an opportunity to thank the nurses in our lives, there are various events throughout the year that pay special homage to these hardworking professionals.


National Blood Donor Month arrives in January, and while it’s not a nursing-specific event, nurses may be on call to help manage patients, take health histories and assist with the collection of blood. Donors can use their trips to donation centers as opportunities to thank nurses for all they do to help others.


The week of March 8-14, 2020, is Patient Safety Awareness Week. This week can spark important discussions that can inspire action to improve the safety of the healthcare system for patients and the workforce.

March also is home to Certified Nurses Day, which takes place on May 19th. This is a day when nurses celebrate their nursing certification and organizations around the world join to honor the dedication and service of certified nurses.


April 16 marks National Healthcare Decisions Day. Nurses and other providers may be instrumental in empowering patients to talk about the importance of advanced care planning and being an advocate for one’s own health.


May is a big month for nursing observances. The entire month is Oncology Nursing Month, when the efforts of nurses who work in cancer care are celebrated.

May 6 marks National School Nurse Day, which highlights the hardworking nurses who work in our nation’s schools.

May 6-12, 2020 is National Nurses Week, annually celebrated on or near the birthday of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing. This week is also when we celebrate International Nurses Day, which falls on May 12.

May 10-16 is National Nursing Home Week, where nurses who work in nursing homes are honored as the public learns more about nursing home care and planning.


National Nursing Assistant Week begins on June 18 and continues until June 25. This week provides an opportunity to showcase the incredible men and women who devote their lives to being nursing assistants. National Career Nursing Assistants’ Day also takes place on June 14.


Teamwork is essential in healthcare facilities and health unit coordinators are vital and indispensable professionals who support doctors and nurses in various ways. During Health Unit Coordinators Week, which runs from August 23-29, and on Health Unit Coordinators Day on August 23, these special workers get the attention they deserve.


Emergency Nurses Day on October 9 recognizes emergency nurses for their dedication, service and commitment to their patients and communities.


Home Health Care Aide Week takes place the second full week of November each year and honors the millions of nurses, home care aides, therapists, and social workers who make differences in the lives of the patients and families they serve.

Thank You To All Nurses

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