Note taking at church

Note taking at church

I take me a spiral notebook to church with me. I will take notes in Sunday School class, Worship Services and even Discipleship Training. I can use these notes as a reflection back and see what was said. I can also use these notes and place them in this blog. I will soon start to place notes that I have in this blog. I do wished I had the book I took notes as a youth in church. It would be nice to see what was said and done.

Note Taking at Church
Note Taking at Church

I will jot down notes what is said. Bible references and more.  These notes could also be handy when someone ask you a question, you can go back as a reference to those notes. It could also help someone else to better understand the Word of God.

In Sunday School class and Discipleship Training I will put what page number the notes can be found in the lesson books and I will highlight in those lesson books and also add notes on the pages in them. I plan to keep those lesson books uses.

I think it helps me for reflecting back on what was said and if there was something key. Plus, the notes help as well for future blog post on here. But for you personally they can help you. You can go back over them and remember what was mentioned.

My youngest niece, she would sit with me in evening worship. She would hear the pastor preach and read my notes too. She would help me add notes. She was 7 years old or so.

Note taking at church: Do you take notes of what the pastor is preaching? What about in Bible Study? Sunday School? Discipleship Training? Small Groups?

First published May 20, 2012. Republishing August 12, 2015.

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8 thoughts on “Note taking at church

  1. I wished I had the ones I did when I was a teenager. But I got stacks and stacks, I buy spiral notebooks when they are on clearance. I have stacks and stacks, plus, I keep the lesson books too, that way I can go back and reference it too.

  2. My pastor used to say “a short pencil is better than a long memory.”  Definitely believe that if it’s worth listening to you ought try to remember it.  It’s a good exercise to try to sum up what was said into one thought too.  excellent at helping you retain it.

  3. karenwoodall Thanks for the comment. Yea, but our brains are capable of forgetting and remembering we may mess it up. That is why it is good to have the notes to back it up.

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