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Northern Michigan Christian Voice

Northern Michigan Christian Voice – A new, online Christian news site has gone online from Northern Michigan. The North Michigan Christian Voice (NMCV) site will include local, national and world news for believers, along with health, entertainment, feature stories and more. #NMCV #ChristianVoice #NorthMichiganChristianVoice

Northern Michigan Christian Voice

What sets NMCV apart is its dedication to the outdoors as well as Christian news in general. Northern Michigan is known for its small towns, large forests, rivers and lakes. Residents tend to enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, canoeing or kayaking, fishing and hunting. It is for these types of activities visitors come from all over the United States to participate.

Northern Michigan Christian Voice - A new, online Christian news site has gone online from Northern Michigan. The North Michigan Christian Voice (NMCV) site will include local, national and world news for believers, along with health, entertainment, feature stories and more. #NMCV #ChristianVoice #NorthMichiganChristianVoice

NMCV was created by veteran award-winning, Christian writer and cartoonist, Kurt J. Kolka. The news site is a division of One Christian Voice news network, with 24 divisions in 16 states.

(I actually got to work with Kurt at Star Publications in Gaylord, MI. He did some awesome Christian Comics, one called The Cardinal).

NMCV has begun posting a special Hump Day edition every Wednesday morning for readers. It is a special post designed to get Christians through the middle of the week.

The Hump Day edition features Bible verses, a clean joke, Question of the Week, comic strips and links to the latest news, in case readers have missed.

“Our Hump Day edition is a work-in-progress,” says Kolka. “We are hoping to hear from readers on what else they might like to see in it. It is meant to be a posting of encouragement for believers. Sometimes, the middle of the week can be especially stressful. So, NMCV’s Hump Day edition is meant to throw a little fun into the week, as well as keep us connected to our Lord through Scripture.”

There are basically three aspects to our Online News Site for Northern Michigan

Below is from their Facebook Page to give you a little bit more about them.

1.) NMCV will feature general news from all around Northern Michigan for residents here.

Though based in Grayling, its geographic audience will be organic; developing and expanding with time. We hope to cover as much of Northern Michigan as possible.

We are hoping to include:

  • Features on area Residents
  • Both new and longtime Businesses
  • The Arts
  • Outdoors
  • Other subject matter affecting N. Mich. residents

2.) As our name suggests, we will pay special attention to news associated with area believers, churches and other ministries.

Not all our stories will be about people of faith, but a good percentage will.

Our focus will NOT be on politics in general. Still we may report on facets of politics dealing with moral issues and how they would affect area people.

We expect to also have educational columns on various subjects regarding the Christian faith. It is important to distinguish fact from fiction in a world where the two appear to blur.

Two local well-known Christian features, THE CARDINAL comic strip and THE GOOD NEWS CABIN column, which previously appeared in other area publications, will be coming to our news site in the near future.

3) NMCV is owned by media company, One Christian Voice.

They will be selecting and then supplying national and world news to our website and FB page.

More Info

NMCV can be read online at

Press release compliments Northern Michigan Christian Voice. There is one for East Tennessee, where I live called East Tennessee Christian Voice.

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