Noah And the Last Days (True story about Noah)

Noah And the Last Days (True story about Noah)

This version, Noah and The Last Days is about 30 minutes in length. Best of all it is free to view on YouTube! This one will give you the Biblical account to Noah. You can read about Noah in the Bible in Genesis. This account of the movie is the true story of Noah. Save your time, save your money. Do not go and see or support the Hollywood movie Noah.

This feature that I have above is from the Living Waters with interviews and talking to people about Noah, the end of time, good person and more. It gives you 10 points of how we are living in the end of the times and how it relates to Noah. I believe this is a must watch.

So check it out Online for free at YouTube. I have the full video above in my blog from YouTube. This is the full version of that movie by Living Waters with Ray Comfort. If you are interested they have also done the movies 180 &ampEvolution vs. God. follow my blog as I soon will put up the 180.

Unlike the Hollywood version of Noah staring Russell Crowe, which I may add is not Biblically accurate, that just came out. I did a blog entry with the trailer to it and notes that it is not Biblically sound from all the reviews I have been seeing. This movie is directored Darren Aronofsky, a professing atheist. Aronofsky called his movie “the least biblical biblical film ever made,” The Telegraph reported. He even admitted that he knew he made Noah Film Secular. Which I know have no desire or plans to go see it, even if it was to see it to see how unbiblical it is. Check out what the Washington Times said about this movie

Noah and the Last Days
Noah and the Last Days

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13 thoughts on “Noah And the Last Days (True story about Noah)

  1. This video did make me laugh, especially when the scientist said something about the comets hitting the earth were full of water. When they hit the earth and melted that is how the oceans were formed. This video is not biblically correct at all.

  2. When Christ compares the coming of the last day and Naoh’s time He is saying there will be life going on just as it was in Noah’s day. The bible many times says we are in the last days. The Christian age is the last days. Earthquakes and storms are normal weather patterns and such. Yes people will twist the word of god to their own destruction, but they have been doing that since Adam and Eve.

  3. It’s really sad how little that these people interviewed know about the Bible. I agree with Henry. The last days is the entire church age. But there are a lot of signs that the end of the world is near. Again, it has probably seemed that way to some ever since the church began. We need to stay ready because the world could end right now or we could die. The interviewer made a lot of really good points that challenged atheism and complacency about Christ. I really wish that he had talked about baptism though. That is how we put on Christ (Galatians 3:24-29). But overall a good video.

  4. just because they’re acknowledgment “the Creator” does not necessarily mean that they’re acknowledgment is God. They’re just acknowledging that there was a creator. but to us as Christians the Creator is God. the common man they may not know.

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