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Nativity Scene at McDonald’s

See a Nativity Scene are usually common for this time of year, Christmas. We usually see them up in peoples home and yards and churches. We also hear about placing having to have them taken down. But Check out what this one Tennessee McDonald’s had painted on their window …

Nativity Scene at McDonald’s

McDonald's in Spring Hill, TN and their Nativity Scene painted window

McDonald’s in Spring Hill, TN and their Nativity Scene painted window | Photo Credit Amy Basel


This painting has seemed to shocked many. I am sure many people are doing double takes. Did that really say Jesus on McDonald’s.

Nativity Scene at McDonald’s

On one side it reads, “His Name is Jesus” on one side and “Rejoice”. Then it has the Nativity scene painted in the middle.

You wouldn’t think of a national chain allowing that, but we also have to remember these chains are also locally owned and operated at times. Just someone using the franchise.

This is a McDonald’s in Spring Hill, Tennessee located at 5431 Main Street. Which is about 30 miles south of Nashville. Which is around three and half hours or so from where I live in Jefferson City, TN. It is in West Tennessee.

According to stories I read, they do a Christmas painting every year for 40 years and said it shouldn’t really shock anyone to see a Christmas scene painted on their storefront.

The photo was posted by Amy Basel on her Facebook page, stating “Drove by and did a double-take. Growing up in the mitten, you would NEVER see this. Tennessee McDonald’s…you made my day. ‘His name is Jesus.'”

Thank you Amy Basel for sharing this photo on social media. I bet you never knew it would go viral like it did. God bless you and your family and also God Bless the owners of this McDonald’s Location too.

I’m glad this McDonald’s is letting people know Jesus is the heart of Christ.  Jesus is the heart of everything. It all should always point to Him in whatever we do.

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