National Thrift Shop Day

National Thrift Shop Day – a great place to often find great deals on used and sometimes new stuff. #ThriftShopDay

National Thrift Shop Day - a great place to often find great deals on used and sometimes new stuff. #ThriftShopDay

We have several thrift shops near us that my wife and I enjoy going to like KARM and Goodwill. There are some others like a few Habitat thrift stores too.

Other names for these stores

  • thrift store
  • charity shop
  • hospice shop
  • second-hand shop
  • consignment shop
  • resale shop

This day is held annually on August 17. I am not sure when or how this day got started. If you know feel free to share in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “National Thrift Shop Day

  1. Here in Austin, we are blessed to have very high-end thrift shops which give back to the schools and community. Their donations, many times, come from estates which have really quality ‘stuff’! and don’t cost much….. can also find hand embroidered and quilted items… at next to nothing in price! Seems there are a lot of people who were never exposed to the wonderful hand items thus have no appreciation for them….

    Very much try to be a good steward of His money …. but do love the quality of the ‘old’ clothing and dishes… before plastic and throw away clothes! The only place I can find that, is in Thrift Stores. It is also part of ‘giving back’ IMO…… It used to be that I was watching every penny, thus shopped in Thrift Stores. Now, in the final quarter of life, I choose to shop them, and have always taken the grandchildren with me shopping in them! Wanted them to know where the “fine” things can still be found!

    1. Oh wow! That is awesome they give back to schools there in Austin. KARM in our area goes to help the Knoxville Area Rescue Ministry, a local community. So does the habitat ones goes for the housing they do. It is great when these places give back to the community. It is fun to see things there. Sometimes you find things you have not seen in ages. Often antiques and older stuff. Sometimes you can find great deals on clothes. One of our thrift stores, I am not going to mention their name, they are more expensive and almost seems I can get it same price new elsewhere. Thanks for the comment.

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