National Send A Card To A Friend Day

National Send A Card To A Friend Day – Not that we have to have an excuse to send a friend a card and check on them. We should do that anyways, but there is a day to send your friend a card.

National Send A Card To A Friend Day

National Send A Card To A Friend Day

This day is held annually on February 7th. It is a day to let your friend know you are thinking about them. Like I mention in the intro, we shouldn’t have to have a day to do that. This something we do anytime for any reason. Another point is to stop away from our mobile devices and send out a personal greeting card via the postal mail, snail mail as it is also called.

Information about the start of this holiday is unknown.

Maybe you can get creative and make them a homemade card! So surprise and a friend and send them a card!

Sending a personally card instead of a text or email can show you truly care. Yes, it seems today that is old school and hardly anyone is doing it, but come on, get unplugged! Plus, it is good for you to send a card to someone! Besides that, you can truly say what you want to say by adding a personal note. Plus, the post office now has tons of stamps you can choose from to put on the envelope.

You can even buy cards a the dollar tree or make your own! It doesn’t have to be fancy! Simple is the best! Remember it is the little things that add up. That card you sent to them, just might make their day. It might be the difference between a make it or break it day. Or even a Red Letter Day! (a blog post about that is coming soon!)

Check out clever ways to reuse or recycle greetings cards!

First published February 6, 2018. Last updated or republished February 4, 2021.

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