National Pizza Day

National Pizza Day – Who doesn’t like pizza? I believe almost everyone loves pizza. Now there is a day set aside for those who love pizza! #NationalPizzaDay #Pizza #PizzaDay

National Pizza Day

National Pizza Day #NationalPizzaDay #Pizza

Doing research for this day, I come across two days for National Pizza Day. February 9 (Per National Day Calendar)  & November 12 (Per WinCalendar and Oriental Trading).

Maybe this day has two dates for it. So double the pleasure of eating pizza! National Pizza Day began to come around the early 2000s. I will also say that WinCalendar also has February 9th too. I’m not totally sure which date is correct, but hey there are two days at least!

Pizza, invented in Naples, Italy around the 10th Century. Today in American, pizza is one of the most popular foods in America.Most children like a cheese only pizza. Myself, I like a meat pizza. However, I do like a chicken and bacon Alfredo pizza.

I did deliver pizza for Domino’s for about year. However, I do like Papa Johns better, but I have come to like Marcos the best of those three!

Check out my experience as a Pizza Delivery Driver

I wanted to try Buffalo Trail Pizzeria in Morristown, TN. They had a 28″ pizza. That is huge! The guy there told me it takes two pizza peels to get out of the oven. You have to transport it carefully or you may drop it. This pizza joint has since closed down since I first published this blog post.

The Best Pizza!

Brooklyn Brothers Pizzeria in Corbin, KY has a great pizzas. However, locally in Jefferson County, TN, Down the Shore Food Truck has the all time best pizza ever!

Pizza Recipes

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Comments welcome!

What kind of pizza do you like (or toppings)? Tell me your favorite pizza joint. Your comments are welcome!


First published November 11, 2017. Last republished or updated February 9, 2023.

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