National Pink Day

National Pink Day – This day is observed annually on June 23. It is just simply a day to celebrate the color pink and what it represents. #PinkDay #NationalPinkDay

National Pink Day

Pink was first used as a color name in the late 17th century, pink is a pale red color which got its name from a flower of same name.

  • Pink Flowers – The color pink is mostly associated with flowers and often attracts insects.
  • In the pink – To be in top form, in good health, in good condition.
  • Pink slip – To be given a pink slip means to be fired or dismissed from a job. First recorded in 1915 in the United States.

  • Pink-collar worker – Persons working in jobs conventionally regarded as  “women’s work.”
  • Pink Ribbon – There are many places that use the Pink Ribbon such as Breast Cancer and International Stand Up to Bullying Day.
  • Tickled pink – means extremely pleased.

Pink is usually thought of as a girl color, but men can wear it and wear it well. There is a saying, “Real Men Where Pink!”.

So maybe take this day and wear pink! Just for the fun of it!

I really couldn’t find much about this day like who created and when and why. All I could find is that is is a day to celebrate the color Pink. So I figured I would share some blog post on Courageous Christian Father that talk about the color Pink. The big one is the blog post below. All Things Pink. I mention where in the Bible the color Pink may or may not be found.

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First published June 21, 2019. Last updated or republished June 22, 2020.

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