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National Family Week

National Family Week, is always celebrated the week of Thanksgiving. I guess because this is when we mostly spend time with our families. #FamilyWeek #NationalFamilyWeek

The Fourth Week in November is National Family Week. It is always celebrated the week of Thanksgiving. I guess because this is when we mostly spend time with our family. According to Alliance1, National Family Week, designed to build community connections and honor those who strengthen families. Usually National Family Week, is the same week as International Bible Week. #FamilyWeek

National Family Week

National Family Week

This could be a great week for you to share the Bible and do daily devotions with the family. Even the guest that come in during this Thanksgiving week.

National Family Week, founded in 1968. (2018 Marked the 50th Year!) It originated in Canada. In 1985, proclaimed as the official week celebrated during the week of Thanksgiving by Canadian Government. It now is also celebrated in America, United Kingdom and Australia. It’s celebrated in different weeks in those countries.

It was first proclaimed by Ronald Reagan on November 19, 1987 a holiday in the United States.

In 2019, National Family Week will occur November 24-30, 2019. (Same week as International Bible Week!)

The main focus of this week is to focus and celebrate families. Plus, this week and spend time with your families. Do some activities together. Maybe check out some places I have reviewed to take your family and take your family somewhere.

Of course, I didn’t see a defined date, just the fact it occurs the week of Thanksgiving. However, every week should be family week. Therefore, take time and spend it with the family!

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First published November 23, 2014. Last Republished or updated November 15, 2018.

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