National Elephant Appreciation Day

National Elephant Appreciation Day – day to honor the big and powerful animal the elephant. #NationalElephantDay

National Elephant Appreciation Day - day to honor the big and powerful animal the elephant. #NationalElephantDay

This day is held annually on September 22. It started in 1996 by Mission Media, a graphics and publishing company, the day’s origins are largely based on owner Wayne Hepburn’s personal fascination with elephants. This day is to show appreciation to elephants.

Most famous elephant would be Dumbo form Disney.

Facts about the Elephant

  • Average lifespan of an elephant is 60 to 70 years
  • Develop close family bonds
  • Playful animals
  • Love Water
  • Herbivorous (eating plants and trees)
  • Gestation period is 22 months
  • National animal of Thailand
  • Elephant’s tooth can weight as much as three kilograms (6.61387 lbs)
  • Eat anywhere from 100 – 1000 pounds of vegetation in a 16 hour period (in the wild)
  • Drink 80 gallons of water in a day
  • Can hold 2.5 gallons of water
  • Purr like cats do, as a means of communication
  • Learn up to 60 commands
  • Have hair all over their bodies
  • Has eyelashes
  • Elephant trunk serves as a nose, a hand, an extra foot, a signaling device and a tool for gathering food, siphoning water, dusting, digging and much more
  • Don’t drink with their trunks, but use them as “tools” to drink with
  • Only the male Asian elephants have tusks (weigh nearly 200 lbs)
  • Slow pulse rate of 27 bpm
  • Republican party animal

First published September 22, 2018. Last updated or republished September 19, 2019.

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