National Bowling Day

National Bowling Day is held annually on the second Saturday of August each year. This is a day that we celebration one of America’s favorite past times, Bowling. Maybe you can take your church group bowling this day. #NationalBowlingDay

In 2019, this day is held on August 10. (Held Annually on the Second Saturday of August, See list of future dates below)

On this day, you can schedule a bowling trip with the youth group at your church or even your adult small group class. Maybe you can take your scouting group bowling too. It can help you earn the Bowling Merit Badge!

National Bowling Day

I took Bowling in College as one of my PE Electives. Even my daughter, took bowling in college for her PE elective too.

The point of bowling is to roll the bowling ball down the lane, careful not to cross the fowl line. The object is to have the bowling ball knock down all the pins on the other end. That is called a strike! There are a total of 10 pins on the other end of the bowling lane in standard bowling.

There are other types of bowling too where different amounts of pins are used or types of objects are used. Some are indoor types and others are outdoor types, but the 10 pin bowling, is the standard one we see and use at bowling alleys.

Did you know that most bowling alleys if you do your birthday party at the bowling alley with their birthday part package, usually include a bowling pin that your guest can sign!

It is said that bowling has been around since the Middle Ages, around Ancient Roman Empire and Ancient Egypt. Plus it was said around 400 A.D. Bowling was used as a religious ritual in Germany. It was said that it was a cleansing of sin.1 Which, we all know is not the case. We know that the only cleansing of sin comes from the blood of Jesus Christ … Bowling Can’t Take away our sins!

Future Dates

  • 2020 – August 8
  • 2021 – August 14
  • 2022 – August 13
  • 2023 – August 12
  • 2024 – August 10
  • 2025 – August 9

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First published August 13, 2016. Last updated or republished August 8, 2019.

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