Nasal Stents during Thanksgiving

Septoplasty nasal stents image
Septoplasty nasal stents image

I got to spend my Thanksgiving with Nasal Stents in my nose from nasal surgery, Septoplasty and submucous resection inferior turbinate.,this past Friday, November 20, 2015. I go November 30, 2015 to have it removed. I think these stents helped me not to eat as much. I wasn’t able to smell much of anything with these nasal stents in my nose. That may have led to the lack of appetite I have had for the last few days. I guess the nasal stent  helped me not eat as much this Thanksgiving Day.

Pictured in this blog post are an example of what Septoplasty nasal stents look like. They may not be the exact kind or look to the ones used in my nose, but they will be similar I am sure. These things look huge too. I am glad they don’t pack you with gauze anymore. I heard that was real fun to get removed that packed gauze.

I guess the say goes about your smeller and eating. I think also with these nasal stents, most of the foods I could barely taste as well. I still could take a hint of tasting, but not as much as normal. I also know that my nose felt full, so it was harder to breathe as I ate as well.

The nasal stents make my nose fill like it is full, stopped up. I do continue to use my nasal rinse too. I have noticed that my mucus and stuff coming out of my nose is now less red, blood like and more clear. So that is a good sign that my nostrils are healing inside. Once I have the nasal stents out, I will still have to dot he nasal rinsing 4 times a day for around six weeks.

I do now that all the temporary discomfort that came with this nasal stents after my nasal surgery will have great benefits afterward. It will help me to be able to breathe much better. Some of the discomfort I have had is a dull constant headache. I have felt like a sinus type pressure too. My nose feeling like it is full. My nose also burns some and even itched. I remember an old saying the itching is a sign of healing.

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Even with the Nasal stents in my nose, I was still thankful I got to spend my Thanksgiving with family and church family and that I was still thankful for God sending His son Jesus to die for my sins. I was also thankful for the many men and women in uniform serving over seas and even the police, firemen and paramedics, etc. that was serving last night and away from their families.

I do know and trusting God with all that is going on with healing and much more. God has a plan and purpose for everything we go through in life. Just because we become a Christians doesn’t mean it will be a pie in the sky. We were told we will also encounter persecution, and much more because of Jesus. Even the saints get sick and medical issues, there is a poplar thing amungst the false teachings of prosperity preaching that you done something wrong to become sick.

We all are human, we all die sometime, we all will get sick. It is part of life. Sin has wages that must be paid for. Since we are sinful, we can never repay that sin debt we owe. The good thing someone loved us so much that He paid that sin debt for us. God sent His one and only Son as our sacrificial unblemished lamb. But we must be willing to accept the payment. We must accept the one who paid that sin dept. That is Jesus Christ. If we accept it, we will live with Him forever in Heaven. If we deny or reject Jesus we will live forever separated from Him in the Lake of Fire called Hell, a place of ever lasting torment. Check out this blog post Your Final Destination.


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