Nasal Stents removed

Septoplasty nasal stents image
Septoplasty nasal stents image

10 days after my Septoplasty nasal surgery, I got my nasal stents removed. It felt good to have them removed. It didn’t really hurt to have them removed either. I think the mechanical suction the doctor done after hurt just a little. He had to suck up some mucus and scrape off a crusty, as the doctor called it, inside my nose. I have noticed that I am breathing more with my nose too. My nose still kind of feels like they are inside, but they aren’t. I guess it is just the tenderness and ready for the last bit of healing. So I guess give it a day or two and I should be back to normal. My doctor was like boy you sure did keep your nose nice and clean with these nasal stents in. He said good job and keep it. I have to keep doing the nasal rinse for 6 weeks.

The picture with this blog are examples of the Septoplasty nasal stents used. These may not have been the actual type used, but they were similar.

I am sure after a week of these nasal stents become out, I should start to notice a difference I am sure even after a month and so on, I will notice more as well. Thanks to everyone who has been praying for me with the surgery and the recovery.

My doctor told me to go back on my CPAP and see him in 3 months. I do not know my appointment time as the lady that sets appoints today, was on the phone at the time of my check out and told me to watch for my appointment. I thought she was talking to the person on the phone. So I just stood there and then I noticed she was talking to me. I asked her to repeat what she said.

My doctor will also determine then if he still wants to remove my tonsils and adenoids.

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Most of all I want to thank my Heavenly Father, God for the healing. He is the great physician. He is the one in control. I am thankful for the medical knowledge that God gave the medical staff from Providence Clinic part of Lakeway Ears, Nose and Throat (ENT).

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