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Muppets Choir: Can’t Nobody Do Me Like Jesus

Muppets Choir video shared on my blog. Listen as the sing a gospel song, Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus. This is a must watch and listen! #Muppets #Jesus

Muppets Choir: Can’t Nobody Do Me Like Jesus

Muppets Choir: Can’t Nobody Do Me Like Jesus

The above YouTube video has some muppets singing a song “Can’t NoBody Do Me Like Jesus”.

Listen to this video. They do an awesome job. It a catchy song! I like this video. Click play in the above video and listen! The Muppets Choir video appears that they are in a church sitting in the back of the church in the choir loft area. They do like an old school type gospel hymn singing.

I am not sure when this video was made, where it was made and if it was on a show or not. If anyone knows. Please feel free to comment below. This video is 2:21 in length.

Muppets Choir - Can't Nobody Do Me Like Jesus

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