Multiple Codes Chevy Sonic and a possible cause

Multiple Codes Chevy Sonic and a possible cause – I’m Not a mechanic just sharing my experiences with my Chevy Sonic. #ChevySonic #Sonic

Multiple Codes Chevy Sonic and a possible cause

Multiple Codes Chevy Sonic and a possible cause - I’m Not a mechanic just sharing my experiences with my Chevy Sonic. #ChevySonic #Sonic

It seems that Multiple codes are common on Chevy Sonics and I’m sharing some possible fixes. Again, I am not a mechanic! Just my experience.

Multiple Codes

  1. P0102 – Mass Air
  2. P0326 – Knock Sensor
  3. P0328 – Knock Sensor
  4. P0598 – Heat sensor
  5. P06B6 – DTC not found
  6. P0420 – catalytic
  7. Think was a couple more

I was told to check the battery voltage and it checked good.

Multiple Codes Chevy Sonic and a possible cause - I’m Not a mechanic just sharing my experiences with my Chevy Sonic. #ChevySonic #Sonic

On the computer carefully remove Middle connector. Remember this is your cars brain. You could risk more damage taking this off incorrectly.

Multiple Codes Chevy Sonic and a possible cause - I’m Not a mechanic just sharing my experiences with my Chevy Sonic. #ChevySonic #Sonic

See if it has antifreeze or water buildup like my Sonic did. See the picture in this post above. You can also see the prongs are green like they were corroded. It might also be orange, the color of the antifreeze used in Sonics. In that video I shared the guy shares how if the heat sensor goes bad it can leak from around it and travel up the wires to the ECM (the computer).

One of our Chevy dealership confirmed the ECM (aka the computer) and the connector both needed replaced and said the ECM wasn’t communicating. So they did that and some rewiring as some wires they said was bad.

Not only did the computer have this buildup but the knock sensor had water or a build up on it too they told me. But, a few days later … I still needed something else replaced the dealership didn’t catch …

/ Not going to share the dealerships name. /

We bought this Chevrolet Sonic a few months ago and I already Had to replace these: the ECM (Computer), middle connector, knock sensor, wires, thermostat, water pump and heat sensors all of these around 133,000 miles on it.

We Took it to a local Chevy dealership that took almost two weeks to repair and still it needed something else replaced after getting it back. Reminded me of other Chevy dealership giving it back and it not fixed. (Shared more about that below – keep reading).

Plus the this Chevy dealership working on the computer kept ordering the wrong parts and told me they have all new staff there. But they were kind enough to give us a loaner car for a week while they were repairing the car.

It would overheat on idle and blow warm air on idle. But when driving it wouldn’t overheat and would blow cold air. Plus a P0420 code would pop up. Doing some digging I can up with the cooling fan. I would reset that code and only seemed to come on when the car seemed like it was about to overheat or when it overheated.

Also check your cooling fan the resistor/motor seems to burn out in them. Especially if you had to replace the water pump or thermostat. I have had to replace this in both Chevy Sonics my wife and I owned.

I was proud of my self, I was able to replace the cooling fan myself. Maybe took me not even an hour and I’m not a mechanic or tool inclined. Just saying.

How I can tell the cooling fan was out on our 1st Sonic was the fact it overheated all the time. So we Replaced the water pump, thermostat and sensors and the cooling fan.

On our 2nd Sonic I already had those parts replaced from one place I took it too and how they saw the heat sensor was bad so they replaced along with the water pump and thermostat, but they no clue on the other codes …. We all thinking maybe electrical. But they only did minor repairs as mainly focus on tires and brakes and light mechanic repairs. I am not sure why but we didn’t check or think about the cooling fan then. They also replace the MASS air filter sensor and our air filter.

Also note the Chevrolet Sonics don’t have a temperature gage on it like most other cars do. So it’s harder to know if your car is about to overheat,

Anyways I bought me a cooling fan and installed it and noticed The resistor / motor was blown on the original part, as you can see in the above photo, the same thing was bad with our other Chevrolet Sonic on its cooling fan.

I only have only replaced the cooling fan, I took it to the mechanics for the other parts.

On our 2014 Chevy Sonic we took it to one of our local Chevy dealership told us it was this one pipe causing the codes. I pick it up after it was ready, to have it still overheat down the road. I took it another place and they replaced water pump, thermostat and heat sensor. For it to still over heat and showed me my fan was shot. That fixed somethings. Then we had another issue and found a leak near top of the pvc valve cover. Replace that. Even though I told them I think it was that top part. But I went somewhere and had that part replaced. I even used duct tape over leak area temporarily, as you don’t want to keep it on it. Anyways Not much after that my wife got hit in the rear by another car totaling that Sonic.

FYI the original water pump on these Chevy Sonics are plastic inside and go bad fast. I’d go for one that is metal pump inside.

We got a 2013 Chevy Sonic this time. Well we knew a few things from the first one. But we got the water pump replaced, thermostat and heat sensor when codes came back. I forgot to check the fan then. Still had codes. When I found that one video I shared in this post. I checked mine and sure enough the same. I knew it was electrical. Well next thing you know it had more codes and the car dinging for the oil pressure, got an oil change and still oil pressure light on. They right away drained the oil and did it again and still the same thing. Then the car went to limp mode. When we took it to a different Chevy dealership. Well this dealership gave it back to us and again still not totally fixed. That’s when I thought to look into the cooling fan.

If you need to replace the water pump, the thermostat and heat sensor, you may want to check your cooling fan too! Just maybe that middle connector to your computer!

If you are looking to buy a Chevy Sonic , I say take it somewhere to be looked at and especially have them peak at those areas.

I hope this helps you with your Sonic issues. Again I am not a mechanic and use caution when repairing or investigating issues. Your issues could be this or something else. When in doubt it’s best to let the professionals do it. Careful who you take it to as well!

I think the Chevrolet Cruze has the same engine and set up. So this could perhaps pertain to your Chevy Cruze too!

If I learn more I will update this post, feel free to share your Sonic experiences and fixes in the comments below.

Just like us, cars are not perfect they can be fixed. So can we be fixed too. God uses broken things and restores us through the precious blood of Jesus Christ!

There are all kinds of blog posts I have shared on here about brokenness.

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