Mr. Peanut Comes Back as a Baby

Mr. Peanut comes back as a baby in the Super Bowl Commercial. In a prior post, I shared the leaked commercial where Mr. Peanut Died. #MrPeanut

You see him buried and various Protector and Gamble characters at the funeral like Mr. Clean and the Kool-Aid Man.

Then you see the Kool-Aid Man crying …

His tears watered that grave and out came a baby Mr. Peanut. Mr. Peanut says …

“I’m back, Where’s my monocle?”

Mr. Peanut

This new commercial is causing a lot of confusion with people. It sure has confused me too. I am not sure what their point on doing this was or motivation. Other than they thought it would bring response for people to buy nuts. But, I think it got people talking and confused in other ways.

What are your thoughts on this Super Bowl Commercial?

Feel free to share in the comments below.

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