Mother’s Day Finger Puzzle Printable

Mother’s Day Finger Puzzle Printable – Here is a free finger puzzle printable just for Mother’s Day! #MothersDay

Mother’s Day Finger Puzzle Printable

Also called Fortune Teller, Cootie Catchers, chatterbox, salt cellar, whirlybird, Dog Trick, or paku-paku. This can be fun for both mom and children to play together. Best of all! This is FREE to download! You can print them at home or support your local printer and print them there! Give these out and share this link for others to get this FREE MOTHER PRINTABLE!

Mother's Day Finger Puzzle Printable - Here is a free finger puzzle printable just for Mother's Day! #MothersDay

I remember making these in school and everyone playing them. Do you remember making these and playing with these in school as a kid? But, these ones are already made and ready to go! Just print! Cut and Fold! Feel free to share about your experience in the comments below on using the ones from when as a kid and/or this printed version here!

I hope all the MOMS out there have a safe and wonderful Mother’s Day!

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How to Fold the Finger Puzzle

How to Fold the Finger Puzzle you printed from Courageous Christian Father. I give instructions on how to fold these free printables. #FingerPuzzle

Got an idea for a finger puzzle?

Feel free to share in the comments and I just might make one and publish it on here. Thanks!

Most of all of the printables I have print best on laser color printer. You can even send these to your local print shop to print.

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