The Most Segregated Day is Sunday

Segregated means to set apart from the rest or to isolate. God doesn’t want us isolated, he wants us united in one with Him for one purpose … Make the light of the World known, His Son Jesus Christ and what He done for us.

The Most Segregated Day is Sunday

The Most Segregated Day is Sunday … Think about that for a moment.

LeCrae got me thinking the other day, I heard one of his songs, “Dirty Water“.  In this song he says, “Most segregated time of day is Sunday service”.  Then it goes on to say, “Now what you think that say about the God you worship?”

“It is appalling that the most segregated hour of Christian America is eleven o’clock on Sunday morning.”

Even The Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., once said “it is appalling that the most segregated hour of Christian America is eleven o’clock on Sunday morning.”

When we go to to church, most churches seem to by of their own kind. Growing up, we heard them called “white church” and “black church”. If you look at it, most churches are primary either black or primary white in the congregation.

Sadly some churches are even segregated on social class, how much money you make or lack of making. Some churches are segregated based on age.

We are even segregated by denominations like …

  • Baptist
  • Methodist
  • Non-Denominational
  • Lutheran
  • Presbyterian
  • & the list can go on and on

Most churches think less of others based on looks. God doesn’t judge us by looks. God looks at our heart. The inside, the heart is the inner core of the body. From where the heart is, everything else will flow out. (See Luke 12:34 – Matthew 6:21 – 1 Samuel 16:7).

This brings me to a story I heard and was reminded about it Wednesday, January 13, 2015 from one of the youth who told me his dad told him this. There was this one church who was getting a new pastor. The new pastor came in dressed like a homeless man. Presented himself as a homeless man. The congregation wouldn’t give him the time of day. This church didn’t welcome this man. It came for the intern pastor to introduce the new pastor. That homeless man stood up and walked to the front of the church. I bet you could feel and see the shame on the congregation when they found that out.

Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of Mine, you did for Me. Matthew 25:40 HCSB

I am not applying that any church is racist either. I am just pointing out something I felt led to share and that is how we are segregated when it comes to worship and praise of God. Even the early church was like that, Jews, Gentiles, and Greeks.

When we go to heaven, it will be the “universal church”! I believe this why the Bible calls for unity. We are all one body of Christ regardless of color of our sin or the type of Christian faith. My Christian faith, I do mean the one that points to the true Christ. We won’t have Baptist on this side of Heaven and Methodist on this side, etc. We will all be united in one worship with God.

We must come together in one accord. We most worship Him in unity, today it seems that churches are divided, cause big segregated clicks. If the church wants to make a difference in the world, we must stand united. United we stand segregated we fall. We cannot reach the world when we are segregated like we are.

We need to come together as a body of Christ and be that body, a body cannot function properly if it is separated. Let’s be that unified body of Christ the lost and dying world. Let’s put the segregated barriers down and come together in worship and praise to God. We may all be different but those differences put together make up the body. The church is not a building, we a body of believers make up the church.

Unity is talked in various parts of the Bible like 1 Corinthians, Ephesians and a few other books of the Bible.

When we don’t welcome or invite people that are different that us, what is that saying to the world? How will the world know about Christ if we don’t invite everyone, regardless of who they are. Just keep Matthew 25:40 in your mind!

The world sees color! God sees our hearts. We are all created by Him and for Him. We are all equal in His eyes too. None is greater than the other.

Yes, I know not all churches are like this, but for the most part, most churches are. Look around your congregation, what race do you primary see? Are we truly reaching everyone?

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2 thoughts on “The Most Segregated Day is Sunday

  1. It’s a nice verse that LeCrae said (the first one) but the second (What you think that say about the God you worship?) is confusing, especially for the ones who are unbelievers, as it leaves too much room for interpretation. In it I see that one could say that God allows it to be segregated because He condones it at large. Or that He isn’t an all-inclusive God as He says He is, if you see what I mean. In my understanding, LeCrae could have said for example (without breaking the flow of the rap): “what you think that say about those who go to worship?” In this day and age, Christians must be clear so that there aren’t more reasons for anyone to segregate the believers or even themselves into any categories.

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