Most Respected Professor

Most Respected Professor – You’re a college’s most respected Professor. All of the students love you and the other faculty look up to you. Yet, you’ve been faking it all. This is a Writing Prompt. #WritingPrompt

I think if this was to happen that I would be in a dream. Only having an associates I couldn’t teach college. But, if this was reality, I think I would use computer slides and not a white board or chalk board, unless I had to.

But, I do think I would do a great job teaching, even with an Associates of Applied Sciences degree. But, faking it? Not me! I wouldn’t fake it. If I dont’ know it, I will say that I don’t know it. I guess that is what would make me the most respected professor. It would show integrity!

I think I would rather teach at a college or university. I would try to make the class fun! Especially the long boring parts!

I’d also be an encouraging professor too!

I couldn’t teach math or science. No way! No how! Or English! My English is not that great either.

Sometimes a teacher can learn a lot from the students. Just saying! I’d listen to my students and take some input from them too. I wouldn’t be one of these professors that think they know it all either.

I would also try to let my students do hands on. That is usually the best way to learn. Teach some real life things, not necessary the book stuff or what needs to be taught. I think I learned more about graphic design by working jobs, than in college. Yet, College gave you the basics.

This was a writing prompt on Twitter from: @writingprompt_s

This creative writing is fun! I plan to do more of it. If you have an idea, let me know.

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