Missionary Ridge Train Ride – Tennessee Valley Railroad is this week’s Travel Thursday. Get to see trains on display, including being able to go inside them. See how the telegraph and Morse Code, since this was a hub for telegrams. #MissionaryRidge #TVRail

Missionary Ridge Train Ride - Tennessee Valley Railroad is this week's Travel Thursday. Get to see trains on display, including being able to go inside them. See how the telegraph and Morse Code, since this was a hub for telegrams. #MissionaryRidge #TVRail

Then get to take a short ride on a train through the Missionary Ridge Tunnel and to the train depot. There you can see train cars they are currently working on restoring. Plus, they have a turn style for the engine to turn around.

Tennessee Valley Railroad and Museum – Operates over 3 miles near original East Tennessee, Virginia & Georgia Railroad right of way, using pre-1930 equipment, to East Chattanooga terminus. Line passes through 984 foot long Missionary Ridge Tunnel built in 1852-54, the only “Horseshoe” railway tunnel in the State. (Official Tennessee State Railroad Museum)

The Tennessee State Marker 2A 79

They are a National Register of Historic Places. You can see all kinds of Train stuff on display. Train Engines, Cabooses, Train Cars, etc. You can seven see and learn about the telegraph. Plus some of their equipment they use.

I got a video of the Train Engine on the turntable being turned 180 degrees. Check out that video below …

In the museum at the main station, you can learn about Train signals using lamp, flags or light system.

You begin your ride with a 3 point turn around on the train. You go forward, backward, forwards again. It is called a Wye Turn or a Triangular Junction.

While you are in motion, they come along and collect your tickets. It reminded me of Polar Express, but he didn’t punch your ticket like on the cartoon. Just one punch.

When we went it was decorated for Halloween. I am sure closer to Christmas, it will be decorated for Christmas. (Or decorated for special holidays or events).

I think the Polar Express one would be cool to ride on.

I hope in the future, I can do one of the long duration train rides, maybe a dinner train ride or one of the sight seeing ones. They have rides that can last around 8 hours.

Some of the other tours offered

  • Hiwassee Loop (4 Hours)
  • Summerville Steam Special (9 Hours)
  • Copperhill Special (8 1/2 Hours)
  • Chickamauga Turn (6 1/2 Hours)
  • North Pole Limited (75 Mins)
  • Autumn Leaf Specials (9 Hours)
  • Chattanooga Museum Hop (55 Mins)
  • Santa’s Hiawassee Holiday Train (75 Mins)
  • Valentine Dinner Train (2 Hours)
  • Summerville Santa Special (75 Mins)
  • New Year’s Eve Dinner (2 Hours)
  • Halloween Eerie Express (90 Mins)

Check out some photos from my visit.

The one I went on, is around an hour total. That includes riding to the junction point and back to the station. While there you can see train cars they are restoring.

This museum was also featured in an episode of Veggie Tales in 2010 called “A Meaningful Life” included on the DVD extra feature. Plus many other movies and music videos.

Learn More: tvrail.com

I didn’t get anything for this review. I did it on my own. My wife and I paid for our fares.

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