MightyMug The Mug That Won’t Fall Over

MightyMug ® who claims, “The Mug That Won’t Fall Over”.

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MightyMug The Mug That Won’t Fall Over

I got the Teal MightyMug ® the 11 Ounce (325ml) Solo Travel Mug. Teal is my favorite color. At the time of posting this blog post, it’s retail value was $16.99. I was given 2 Day Shipping. I got a shipping tracking number from MightyMug ® but it kept saying Pre-Shipment information, so I couldn’t track the status of the shipping. It wasn’t until it was fully delivered before it actually showed all the shipping details. Also this item was sent on 2 Day shipping and it took 3 Days. It arrived in a sturdy box and was packed very well in that box.

Opening the box

As soon as I get home, I open the box and take the MightMug ® out of it’s box. The mug almost looks like a small thermos. The cap also twist off. I noticed the special bottom. It even had a note to keep it clean. This special bottom I am guessing is what helps it not to tip over.
I put it on the carpet and it would tip over! But this cup is not made for the carpet or material surfaces. It is made for most smooth, flat solid non-porous surfaces so if you bump it won’t spill over. So I set it on the dresser. I tried to push it over and it wouldn’t budge. I tried to pick it up sideways and you can tell it had a suction to the dresser. If you were to pull it straight up,it comes right up.

That special bottom I mentioned above is due to what they call Smartgrip ®. They also claim that MightMug ® is the world’s only mug powered by Smartgrip ®. This special Smartgrip ® allows it to grip to most smooth, flat solid non-porous surfaces.

The 11 Ounce MightMug ® can fit most single serve coffee machines. If I only had a single serve type coffee machine.

MightMug will it fall over?

I tried to lightly push it and bump it and it never fell over. My daughter, 17 years old at the time of this posting, she tried it too and couldn’t get it to fall over either. She said this is neat. She goes I like the color too daddy. My daughter also likes the color teal.

Plus here are a few other features.

  • BPA Free
  • Car Cup Holder Friendly
  • Top Rack Dishwasher Safe
  • 100% Happiness Guarantee

One other thing that stood out to me on the design of this mug was that it has a split part to it. I guess that also helps with the stabiity to keep it stuck to most smooth, flat solid non-porous surfaces.

Types of MightyMug ®

  • Solo (Which is the model I got)
  • Sleeve
  • Go
  • Tumbler
  • Ice

Other Tips to Use

  • Do not freeze the MightMug ®
  • No Punching
  • Do not use on dashboards
  • Not to be used on curved surfaces
  • Lift above the wavy line
  • Do not use aggressive force
  • Allow steam to vent before placing lid
  • Do not microwave the MightMug ® or the lid
  • Wash before first use
  • Do not shake when filled with hot liquids

Final thoughts

I really like this cup. I plan to use it regularly. My only thing is, my daughter likes my mug, so I am sure that she might try to use it and claim it for herself. I just might have to order her one so she won’t take mine.

Update: I noticed the lid gives a tight seal. If you put in Coke or soda, you will hear it fizz like when you open a bottle. I did notice opening and closing the lid it kept doing that and caused my sofa to go flat sooner.

More information at TheMightyMug.com

Do you have a MightyMug ®? If so tell me what you think about it any issues or tips or anything else you wish to share? Please feel free to leave a comment about it.

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I was given a free MightyMug ® and free shipping to do an unbiased review of their product. Information taken from packaging box, leaflets included with product and their website.

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