MercyMe It’s Christmas CD Review

MercyMe It’s Christmas a Christmas CD just in time for Christmas. Come and celebrate Christmas by listening to MercyMe “It’s Christmas!”. Read along as I share my unbiased review of the Christmas CD by MercyMe titled “It’s Christmas”. Plus, I also share information about this Christmas CD and also Pizza Ranch who is helping to promote this special exclusive Christmas CD.

MercyMe It's Christmas! Pizza Ranch Exclusive Christmas CD Cover
MercyMe It’s Christmas! Pizza Ranch Exclusive Christmas CD Cover

The general CD has 11 songs on the CD. This CD was released in October 9, 2015. The Pizza Ranch exclusive CD has the same 11 songs plus 4 bonus songs including the #1 Hit, Joseph’s Lullaby.

MercyMe is a Christian band that formed around 1994 from Greenville, TX.

Songs on MercyMe It’s Christmas CD …

  1. Newborn
  2. Christmastime Again
  3. Sleigh Ride
  4. I’ll Be Home for Christmas
  5. Hold On Christmas
  6. Have a Holly Jolly Christmas
  7. Go Tell It On The Mountain
  8. Do You Hear What I Hear?
  9. Our Lullaby
  10. Joy
  11. O Come, O Come

4 Bonus Songs only available
on the Pizza Ranch Exclusive CD
MercyMe It’s Christmas

  1. God Rest ye Merry Gentlemen
  2. O Holy Night
  3. Silent Night
  4. Joseph’s Lullaby

Pizza Ranch Helping to Promote

Pizza Ranch, a Midwest-based restaurant chain are helping to promote and market this music project CD. They will have a special edition CD available in 190+ of their Pizza Ranch locations. This Special Edition CD will feature 4 exclusive songs that are not on the regular Christmas CD. This exclusive CD will only be available until December 31, 2015 and only at Pizza Ranch locations. The reason Pizza Ranch is helping to promote this CD is to help spread the message of faith.  They are offering special deals when you buy pizza and gift cards and you can get the CD free. Pizza Ranch is currently located in 13 states, but primary in Wisconsin, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota. Sadly, I do not have any Pizza Ranch locations close to where I live.

“We are extremely blessed to have a very close connection with our guests,” said Adrie Groeneweg, co-­founder and president of Pizza Ranch. “This project extends the brand’s essence to a new dimension beyond our four walls and into their lives. It’s a new kind of way for us to relate to our loyal fans.”

Click More information about this promotion at Pizza Ranch.

More about the Christmas CD

MercyMe It’s Christmas has 11 songs on this Christmas CD. This Christmas CD has some familiar Christmas songs to me and some new ones to me. I have enjoyed listening to these 11 songs on the CD. These Christmas Songs are upbeat and carry a good tune. The sound is nice and clear. I have always thought MercyMe was a great Contemporary Christian band but they do a wonderful job here as well making a Christmas CD. There was not a song on this CD that I didn’t like. I enjoyed each and everyone one of the songs.

The longest song song is Newborn is 5:30 and the shortest song is Go Tell It On The Mountain at 2:14. The total run time for the regular Christmas CD is 42 minutes. If you get the Pizza Ranch Exclusive Christmas CD the total time is 57 minutes.

Here is a quote from MercyMe …

“We are so excited to debut our new Christmas album, MercyMe, It’s Christmas, with Pizza Ranch. Pizza Ranch is a fantastic restaurant with a great mission to glorify God. Be sure to stop by any Pizza Ranch location to get the CD for free with a $25.00 Pizza Ranch gift card purchase. It’s the perfect gift to give this Christmas season and the perfect CD to get you in the Christmas spirit.”

Where Else To Buy

When I look at the cost of a CD, I look at the number of songs and figure around $1 per song. So this Christmas CD should not cost more than $11. I have seen it for as long as $7.99 for digital download (for the original). If you are like me and not near a Pizza Ranch, you can find this on iTunes, Amazon and LifeWay. I am sure there are other locations too. But, if you are near Pizza Ranch they are offering package deal if you purchase a $25 gift card you get the CD free or you can buy the Pizza Ranch exclusive CD for $5. That is a really good deal since you get 4 extra songs on it.

I only listen to Christian Music and have only listened to Christian music for several years now. I also listen to Christmas music too. I also do enjoy me some MercyMe music. I want to share with you about this Christmas CD.

I do think it is a little bit unfair to only have it available in a limited area, but that happens sometimes. I wished it was more readily available to more than just the coverage area of Pizza Ranch because I know everyone else would enjoy the full benefit of the exclusive Christmas CD that has 4 extra songs.

How to Listen to this Christmas CD

You can listen to this CD while you are traveling in your car. You can add the songs via your iTunes and listen on your iPhone, iPad or iPod or even transfer the files to your mp3 player and listen that way. If you have one, you can listen on the Discman, the portable CD player or even just the regular CD player or your boom box in your home, office or on the go. I even think this would be a great CD to do your walking or work out to

This CD would make a great Christmas gift, stocking stuff or a just because gift to that anyone. If you are like me and don’t live near a Pizza Ranch then you can just get the regular CD.

I was given a free Pizza Ranch Exclusive MercyMe It’s Christmas CD for myself and one free for a giveaway in exchange for this unbiased review.
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