Memo Pads Printed

I paid to get these memo pads for Courageous Christian Father printed by Lee Publishing in White Pine, TN. Richard Nelson the owner. I had them printed on white paper with red ink. I think these turned out great! Thanks Richard!

Memo Pads Printed

Courageous Christian Father memo pads


These would make a great way to market your ministry if you had some printed up. I believe with memo pads, it can help reach a greater audience, just think you jot down a note and maybe pass on the note to someone else. They will see this what is printed on this memo pad as well as your note you jotted down to them.

I believe memo pads are more effective than a business card as a memo pad can reach much more people.

I designed these up. I put my logo at top along with my slogan, shown below. Then at the bottom I put my name, Steve Patterson. Plus Blogger For God & Graphic Designer. I put my email address and contact info too. I even put the web address on the very bottom. One Courageous Christian Father boldly blogging for God being lead by the Holy Spirit to help others know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior!

I plan to hand these out to churches and people that live within where I live. I may even mail some out to places too. If you would like one to be mailed to you, get in touch with me. I ask that you can help with the cost of shipping and handling.

I got a full box (case of paper) printed up, that is 5,000 sheets of letter size paper. Plus each memo pad was cut in half from that, so that makes 10,000 pieces of paper. There are 50 sheets to a memo pad. That should be a total of 200 memo pads. That has a potential to reach 10,000 people plus or minus. It could be more if more than one person sees each sheet with written information on it.


Watch a short clip of them get printed at Lee Publishing in White Pine, TN …


Richard can print memo pads, church calendars and much more. Give him a call for your printing needs at 865-674-9969.
I am not getting paid nor any form of trade out for the mentioning of this business. I paid for these memo pads myself. I just wanted to mention who printed them and give you a suggested place to get yours printed up.

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