Meet Wolfie the Kitten

Meet Wolfie the Kitten – This kitten will give you a toothy smile. He might look fierce! #WolifetheKitten #Wolfie

Meet Wolfie the Kitten

Just recently we blogged about Frakenkitten, another rescued kitten. We plan to blog about more special rescues of cats and kittens. Today we are sharing about Wolfie the Kitten who was also rescued.

Meet Wolfie the Kitten - This kitten will give you a toothy smile. He might look fierce! #WolifetheKitten #Wolfie

A note on Facebook stated …

When Wolfie the kitten was rescued, his adorable toothy smile made his foster mom fall in love immediately. But he was sick and weighed less than a pound and vets said he didn’t have a chance. Today on Little But Fierce, watch Wolfie get feistier and feistier one ounce at a time, and thank his foster mom for saving his life in the sweetest way possible 😍

I am glad to see people adopt kittens despite deformities, handicaps, etc.

In mid December, 2017 there were three little kittens rescued behind a building. The property manager contacted Friends for Life Rescue Network (a volunteer based rescue group founded by Jacqueline Santiago and Cristina Figueroa) for help. They were able to rescue two of the kittens, Wolfie and Foxy. Sadly one of them didn’t make it. They named that one Bear.

It is said that people just abandon animals like that. This is one reason why spaying and neutering your pets is very important.

As mentioned above Wolfie was very small and didn’t weight much when rescued. He has a terrible overbite as well, just like Frankenkitten. At one point Wolfie seemed to be doing well. Then he stopped doing well. Test ran and showed blockage in his esophagus. The Animal ER wanted to euthanize Wolife. They said if you have a diagnosis, then you need to save him. They were able to flush out debris.

Then he started to gain wait and bounce back. It was also part to special foster hoomans who helped to take care of him around the clock. Those different foster hoomans took turns with him.

Wolfie sure does like showing off his fangs. It might look intimating, but he is not!

Wolfie also has an Instagram account. wolfie_smiles

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  1. He is totally adorable. I’m glad they were able to save him. We think that Kommando Kitty was dropped off by someone who didn’t want her. She came over to the house and fell in the window well. A meter reader who was here got her out. A few minutes later she fell in again. (We think she was jumping for the window box.) My husband decided it was time to bring her into the house and see if we could find her owner. No luck there. So here she is, six years later

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