Medical Update

If you have been following Courageous Christian Father, you have seen the search for medical answers and updates including the nasal surgery and even the sleep study and all about how the old CPAP company was and the new CPAP company.

Medical Update

Well I still had some issues with Respicare and OSA merger getting my supplies, but after a few months. I kept getting it is your insurance, my insurance said it was them. Finally, I was like the insurance company says they show its on you. Then, they reply, oh yea, we are waiting for your doctor. Good thing, I went and saw my doctor the next day. I told her and she said she will resend the notes and again and talk to them for me. Then, a couple days later OSA called me and said my supplies are on their way.

I even told my sleep doctor, I still wake up feeling like I haven’t slept even using the CPAP. She said my stats are good from my machine, so she is not sure why.

I recently went to my ENT. He looked and made note again about a legion, possibly a Neurofibroma on my tonsils plus they are over-enlarged. He still wants to remove them. So I set up an appointment for a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy. He will remove both of them in April. I will have to have one week off of work, so I am going to use my vacation for those days.

I wished they did the tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy when I was a child. At that time, they kept saying it was more beneficial to have them than to remove them. When I was a child, I kept getting strep and tonsillitis. Now I am almost 40 years old and now getting them removed because they are over enlarged and the legion on my tonsils. I had this done April 7, 2016, after the posting of this blog post.  Click to read about Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy.

My ENT also done a hearing test. I told him I felt a little pain in my ears and that I can hear background noise better than foregound at times. No word at this time on the test results. I was put in a small sound proof room. I had to repeat what the hearing tech said. Then, I had to click a button when I heard a beep. I went a long period of waiting no beeping. Almost makes you panic. Am I missing sounds? Or they just give along pause to see if you will click the button out of habit?

Also my nose and all has been doing great since my Septoplasty and submucous resection inferior turbinate surgery. I am breathing much better now. I do know I am breathing out of my nose more. Sometime, I noticed I breath out of my mouth when I am laying down. Maybe the tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy will help with that, since I have over enlarged tonsils.

My allergy shots are doing well. I can tell when I go to the next vial at the office. They seem to burn for awhile after. They said that is because it is a higher does than the vial before.

Below are some other medical blog post if you want to see what is going on.

Medical Post

 I know God is my true Great Physician. He is the one that gives healing. He gives knowledge to the doctors, nurses, technicians and all those medical staff to help you with recovery and your illnesses. But, I am glad to know that when I go to Heaven, I will have a restored glorified new body that of liking of Jesus Christ.

Update to this blog post was done on April 23, 2016.

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