Man vs God | Official Mime Video

Man Vs God | God Vs Man

According to the video on YouTube this poem is by Ryan and Tilmon.

The video title says Man vs God in YouTube but the screenshot for this video shows God vs Man.

Man vs God | God Vs Man | Official Mime Video

Below is the transcript of this video.

God: Where have you been son?

Man: God? God, is that you?

God: Where have you been son?

Man: I’ve taken a break from the Word and gotten into the World a little.

Backslid the saints would say.
I paint today a new day
just so the sorrow
won’t be remembered tomorrow.

I borrowed time from the World because I got that feeling.
And like Marvin Gay would say, I needed sexual healin‘.

But perpetually feeling like I knew better,
I couldn’t figure out what ‘better’ I knew.
And I figured You were probably pretty pissed,
so I didn’t bother to come to you…

God: You are still a little boy!

Man: Excuse me, God?

No offense against your royalty,
but show me a little loyalty
and keep it real.

You know good and well I’m not a boy.
I just might have taken a detour, or ran into a decoy,
but my core is still right though.

And plus, you look at a person’s heart.
And you know it was hard for me
to refuse that temptation in that given situation.

Why are you cutting into my manhood?
I thought I stand good with you as long as I come back and repent!
And plus the time I spent in the World doesn’t compare
to the times I spent thinking of you.

So give me a break!

God: Give you a break?!? I owe you nothing.

But you, who were bought at a price,
it is only right that you dedicate me your life.

See, I want to open up doors for you,
so that through you, others will see Me.

I understand that you may be confused
by some portraying themselves to be Me,
but they’re never the Savior of the world.

You see, the devil knows scriptures too.
It is not enough to every now and then
worship on a scripture or two.

Give you a break?
Don’t you know every breath you take
is considered a break because my Grace
is saving you from going to that place.

Now count the breaks you get in one day.
You do the math.
Every day I’m sparing you from my wrath.

But after you’ve taken baths
in pools of sin,
again and again
I consider you my son,
my love, my friend.

And you’d prefer to spend your time trying to blend in,
when I clearly made you to stand out.

When you get to my pearly gates, there won’t be any handouts.
So it’s time for you to become a man now.
Or stand down.

Because clearly you can’t see that you’ve been chosen.
Instead, choosing what you find in the world close to your heart.

You see, temptation is part of life
and my Grace is just a taste
of the love I have for you after every time you give in.

From night to morning,
I watched over you while you were snoring.
And even when it was storming,
I made sure there was no harm in you.
I’m warning you, not fussing.

And you know warning comes before destruction.
So while you are here lusting,
sinning, and grinning,
think I am the End and the Beginning.

And quit pretending like you woke yourself up this morning.
You know as the story is told:
“What good is the man that gained the world but lost his soul?”
Don’t lose control and then go ahead and show up.

It’s time to stop playing Christian and really grow up.
And throw off your old ways.
See, when you were a boy, you thought like a boy.
But now that you are a man, you must leave your childish ways behind you.
And don’t let the glare of sin blind you.
You can have fun when there is time to.

But for now, stop running from conviction
and let it find you.

Man: But God?

I don’t think you understand
how hard it is to have the upper hand
being the underdog.

God, being convicted by you is not what I’m afraid of.
I’m more concerned about the rate of
people who will come in and call me hypocrite.
I’ve seen it all before and quite frankly I’m sick of it.

Convicted with the addiction of making selfish
decisions has corrupted my vision and made me vulnerable.
And God, to be one of the only ones living rightly leaves me so uncomfortable.

People will look at me with such scrutiny.
It would be a lot easier if it were just You and me.

And if I begin to live Holy,
then the people that really know me
would just compare me to the old me.

They wouldn’t show me respect, God.
I’ll spread your Word if someone asked me about it.
That’s ok, right God?

God: Whining, lying, and complaining, that’s all you seem to do.
You find time to do everything you want, but nothing I ask of you.

But you expect me to have grace every time you come my way?
You seem to remember me every Sunday, but forget about me on days like today.

What if I was to dismiss you?
THEN who would spare your life?
What if I decided to take a break?
Then what would expect from your Creator?
What if I just decided to walk off and just decide to come back later?

You don’t realize all the things I invest in you
and all the talent I give you as a gift.
So let’s just reverse our roles
and I’ll let you take my second shift.

No, don’t ask any questions. I’m handing the power over to you.
Now your life is in your hands. Your destiny belongs to you.

Man: God, wait!!!

I apologize. Just listen.
I apologize for fitting in
when I know you made me different.
I just thought that maybe this time
maybe this time…

God: Time? Not even my own Son knows the second or hour.
I made you a king, though you were born a coward.

Son, I listened to your every word.
There is nothing you say that I don’t hear.
I opened up your eyes to see all things
and wipe the world away so you would see clear

My Son Jesus doesn’t even know and you want me to freeze time for you?

I’m calling on you for your calling
but it’s obvious you have other things to do.

You are afraid of what people would say,
but I’m the only one you should fear.
For the time works on my watch,
and Mother Earth will soon disappear.

You may not understand
and this may come as a surprise,
but I’ll explain it to you,
cause I’m sick of the lies.

I am the Divine Truth.
And nothing shall come before Me.

How can I explain to you how to be faithful?
For when I speak, you just ignore Me.

I give you every inch of power you have
to conquer all that you may fear.
But consider my Voice to be hours on the clock.
The end of times are near.

Man: Ok God.
I’ll change.
I will promise I will change.
But I might as well get used to people looking at me strange.

God: Who cares?

Man: And what about my imperfections? And everything of my past?

God: I have perfected your imperfections
and made beauty of your past.
I made you first,
when you thought you were last.

You see, my Love is unconditional.
It’s something you’ve never felt.
I’ve forgiven you of everything,
even when you couldn’t forgive yourself.

Man: And God, what if I fall?

God: You will.

Man: And then what?

God: I’ll pick you up.

Man: God, again, what if I fall?

God: I’ll pick you up.

Man: But God, what if I keep on falling?

God: I’ll keep…picking…you up.

Man: But God…

You will always fall short of my Grace.

That’s not to debate.
You shall face every day knowing you’ve been saved by Grace.

Let the melodies from Heaven rain down on you.
Take that Bible off the shelf.
Stop depending on everyone else.
Sometimes you have to encourage yourself.

It isn’t over until I say its over,
so wipe those tears from your face.
You have to continue to move swiftly
and make every move with faith.

I’ll continue to show you the right path
and you can continue to talk to me.

But your words mean nothing
unless you are ready to walk with me.

Man: God, I surrender.
God: Son, just walk.

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First published September 7, 2015.  Last republished August 20, 2017.

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