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Make Joyful Noise

Make a Joyful Noise Unto the Lord

See verses Psalm 98:4 & Psalm 100:1

If you noticed it says Make a Joyful Noise, it didn’t say how it had to sound, just to make a joyful noise unto the Lord. I believe that means when you sing to the Lord, it is a heart condition. That means you sing and make noises to the Lord from the heart. That is when it sounds like a sweet melody to the Lord. It don’t matter what it sounds like to man. The heart is the most central part of the body. The most important part. God looks at our heart.

Joyful Noise

Joyful Noise

This includes using musical instruments. Some denominations claim that God doesn’t want us to use instruments like piano, guitar, drums, keyboard, banjos, trumpets, etc. But I beg to differ. As long as those make a joyful noise to the Lord with a joyful heart it don’t matter to God. Besides in the Exodus, after they crossed the Red Sea, they used tambourines to praised God. Plus the Bible speaks of the second coming of the sounding of a trumpet. There are other accounts in the Bible of using musical instruments.

Remember God looks at our heart, what we do for Him is all a heart condition. Do it all for His glory. Praise Him with thanksgiving and a joyful noise.

It don’t matter if you singing Country, Rock, Rap, Alternative, R&B style, what matters is your heart when you sing or make the noise.

You always heard some people say, yes I can sing a solo, so low you can’t hear me. Well, don’t sing for man, sing to God with all your heart. Let Him Hear your Praise to Him! Don’t be afraid of what you think man will say.


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