Main Point of Studying the Bible

Main Point of Studying the Bible – This a graphic infographic quote from John MacArthur on the main point of studying the Bible.

Main Point of Studying the Bible

John MacArthur shares a great quote on the main reason we study the Bible. See that infographic below.

“Christ is the focus of the entire Bible, and you need to study it to know what He is like. Too often we study the Bible for the sake of theological arguments or to answer questions. Those things are important, but the main point of Bible study is to know more about Christ so that you can be like Him.”

So let’s get back to the main reason of Bible Study … Learning more about Christ so we can be like Christ. The whole Bible points to Christ. The Old Testament is Christ Revealed and the New Testament is Christ Fulfilled. Christ centered and Christ focused.

Main Point of Studying the Bible

Image from Alex Parks.

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