List of Christian Radio Stations

List of Christian Radio Stations – This is a list of compiled Christian Radio Stations from around the world, including throughout the United States. #ChristianRadio #ChristianRadioStations

List of Christian Radio Stations

List of Christian Radio Stations - This is a list of compiled Christian Radio Stations from around the world, including throughout the United States. #ChristianRadio #ChristianRadioStations
  1. 96five (Brisbane, Australia)
  2. 1079 Life (Adelaide, South Australia)
  3. Air1 (National)
  4. Alive FM (Boyertown, PA)
  5. Bridge (Regional Indiana and East Tennessee)
  6. Christian FM (Vero Beach, FL)
  7. The Fish FM (Atlanta, GA & Nashville, TN)
  8. Family Life Radio (Tucson, AZ)
  9. Faith Talk (Atlanta, GA)
  10. Faith Talk (Pheonix, AZ)
  1. Faith Talk (Tampa Bay & Lakeland)
  2. The Fish (Orange County and southern Los Angeles County, CA)
  3. The Joy FM (Florida, Georgia, Alabama)
  4. K-Love (National)
  5. Life FM (Greenacres, CA)
  6. Life FM (New Zealand)
  7. Light FM – (Melbourne, Victoria)
  8. The Message Sirius XM
  9. Moody Radio
  10. The Light FM (Regional – East TN and NC)
  11. Revival FM (Scotland)
  12. Truth FM 91.1 (Tusculum, TN – North East Tennessee & Western North Carolina)
  13. Victory FM (Atlanta, GA)
  14. Way FM (Launceston, Tasmania)
  15. Way-FM (National)
  16. The Word FM (Denver, CO)
  17. Love 97.3 (Blountville, TN)
  18. Joy FM 99.1 (St. Luis, MO)

A lot of these have apps so you can listen to on a mobile device, or even on their website, so you could listen form anywhere.

Some of these are National Christian Radio Stations, Some are even Regional, while others are local to certain areas.

If you know of a Christian Radio station that I can add, feel free to share in the comments below.

Please share, I’d love to make a huge compiled list here. I am in East Tennessee, I do not know what Christian Radio Stations are in other parts of the US or even the World.

You can also help grow this list by sharing this list on your favorite social media!

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