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Light gives off heat

Light gives off heat – The sun gives off both light and heat and so do most light bulbs. As Christians exposing our light can often expose others to heat too.

Light gives off heat

Not only does light expose, but it gives off heat too! We are called to be the light of the world. That light only comes from Christ. However did you know light gives off heat? Think about it … The Sun gives off both heat and light. Touch a light bulb that has been on for awhile it is often often. Maybe think of a heating element such as that in your stove or eye burners, when they are red they are hot! Even fire gives off heat and is also a light source too.

Light Gives Off Heat

Light gives off energy that produces heat. This is a form of thermodynamics.

Ever heard the phrase feeling the burn? Often that is because they felt the heat of something that was exposed to them directly. When we share the light of Christ, we not only expose but we put off heat or feeling the burn. That feeling they get comes from the conviction of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes we got to give a little heat when we share and talk to people. The light convicts, it reveals. That revealing of our sinful nature is the heat from being exposed to the light. The light of Christ that is.

People can feel the light being exposed and that is from the heat the light of Christ gives off.

I am glad Jesus is the light of the World. In a world of darkness … His light can only shine brighter.

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My name is Steve Patterson and I am saved through the blood of Jesus Christ. I have been blogging at Courageous Christian Father since 2012, however, I have been blogging since around 2004. I listen to nothing but Christian Music. I work as a graphic designer.

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