Light Exposes

Light Exposes – when we shed light on things we are exposing things. When we shed the light of Christ we expose the things of Christ to others.

Light Exposes

In this blog ministry, I often talk about being a light or how light exposes. One of these blog post is one using Rudolph as an example of exposing light.

The dark the room, situation, etc. is when a light is shined, the brighter it will get as the darker the area is. That is why Christ is the light. He is the brightest light there is. In Heaven we will no longer need the sun to give us light, as we will have the TRUE LIGHT … Jesus Christ.

Light Exposes

Ever wonder why restaurants it seems dark inside? That is because if they had bright lights on, it would expose how dirty they just might be. A lot of times people think because it is dark, no one will know … WRONG! God knows! He is all knowing, omniscience

We see much better in the light because it exposes and it shines or shows the way. Jesus Christ is the Way! He is the Truth, The Way and the Life. No one can come to God the Father, unless we go through Jesus, our light, first. (John 14:6).

Did you know film gets developed by being exposed to light? That is why they call it exposing the film.

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2 thoughts on “Light Exposes

  1. Think about this. Sinful places like bars, clubs, dark arts places are open at night aka during the night. Don’t do it in day when it’s light out became they don’t want to be exposed.

  2. Just clicked on random post and came to this one. Clubs and bars are also dark inside too. Remember light reveals and exposes, why they keep it dark in there. Thank you for sharing.

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