Letter “N” for Nasrani Or Christians ن

ن  or Nasrani “Christians”

Can you imagine your home being spray-painted with  ن (the Arabic letter for “N”). “N”, or ن​, is the first letter of the Arabic word for Christian, “Nasrani” or “Nazarene”.1

N Nasrani Solidarity Chrisitans

Arabic “N”  is for Nasrani

This is exactly is what is going on in Mosul, Iraq. A Christian Holocaust is going on. They are told to convert or be killed. Would you stand up for Jesus? Remember those who lose their life for Christ, will gain their life. Would you be afraid and reject Christ and convert to Islam, or would stay accept Jesus and be killed? Most of the Mosul Christians are fleeing the city of Mosul.

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is the ones painting this symbol on homes of Christians. They are seizing the homes and taking ownership of the belongings. They are also going to churches and taking down the crosses and putting up their black flag instead.

Prayers go out to these people that they may be strong and able to withstand this evil. Remember folks, God has the victory in the end. We cannot turn away from God even in times extreme violence like this. I also pray that they keep their faith in Christ throughout this terror.

Let’s stand in solidarity for other Christians. Let’s be proud to be marked with this symbol. That shows we are not of this world.

But we have to understand, that Iraq isn’t the only place where Christians are being killed for believing in Christ. It is happening all over in the World. It even happens right here in America.

Another thing, the Bible tells us that will be persecuted for following Him.

The Lord said vengeance is mine.

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