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Do these leaves make me look fat? Man’s Second Big mistake.

Make me look fat?

Adam & Eve Funny Comic - Does this make me look fat, we all have heard this. Here is a Christian comic I find humorous. Eve asked Adam this. Maybe this was man's second BIG mistake?

Here is a funny I saw on Facebook. Eve ask Adam …

Be honest Adam. Do these leaves make me look fat?

Adam replies.

Just a little.

If this truly happened this may have been man’s second biggest mistake, perhaps. We know the first mistake was eating the forbidden apple. This was the Fall of Man, Genesis 3. When Sin entered the world.

Also with this funny comes some food for thought.

One because it looks appealing doesn’t mean it is right with God. Talking about the forbidden fruit that was appealing to the eye.

Two, our tongue is a dangerous weapon. It can afflict the most pain. This refers to what we say to one another. Words do hurt. Remember as a kid we would say sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt. Well, we all know that is not true. Words seem to hurt and last in our mind. So be careful little tongue what you say!

Third, Women, don’t ask does this outfit or whatever it may be “make me look fat”, if you don’t want to hear the truth. Men, use some tact when a woman ask does this make me look fat. Maybe as a couple, you should avoid the “make me look fat” topic period. Remember God made us beautiful the way we are. God looks at our heart, not our outward appearance.

I am not sure where this graphic came from, I just saw it going around on Facebook and had to share with my views on Courageous Christian Father.

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