A Lady Backed into My Car that Led to Prayer on the Spot

I want to boast on the Lord … This is a true story that happened to me just after a lady backed into my car at Walmart. It ended in prayer on the spot.

A Lady Backed into My Car that Led to Prayer on the Spot

I was at Walmart in Talbott, TN on my lunch break. As I was going down the isle. A lady backed out and hit my drivers front finder. I do admit, I did lay on my horn, so she would stop but she didn’t. Not only was there no damage to either car, but there was no damage to either one of us either. I saw her earlier at the store, she seemed distressed. She came out crying about her son. I immediately told her not to worry about it and took her hand and prayed for her and her son on the spot. I then told her there is no damage to either vehicle and I am not worried about it.

Praying Hands - A Lady Backed into My Car that Led to Prayer on the Spot

I asked her name so I can pray for her. She thanked me for the prayer too. As I went to leave, I told her God Bless You and have a good day. I am sure my reaction wasn’t what she expected either. Her name is Paula. So can you please keep her in prayers and her son too. As I was leaving I saw a person salute me for what I did (Not the reason I did what I did). They must have witnessed the whole thing. I am sure there was many more witnesses too and my response wasn’t what they expected either.

How powerful is that … Showing the love of Christ for one person and it could have reached other people by that simple act of prayer. Prayer is powerful! I know if Christ wasn’t in me, the response would have be far different. Thank you Lord for saving me and using me in this situation!


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