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Ladies! Run to God!

An image that says Run To God, giving advice to find the person God wants for you.

Ladies! Run to God!

Ladies Run to God - Run After God

Ladies! Run to God!

Here is an image I saw on Facebook and wanted to share. This graphic I am not sure who made it. But this graphic says …

Ladies … If you run after God like you run after a man God will give you a man you won’t have to run after.

I believe this is so true, You must be so into God and seeking Him that God will bring that person into your life. He will say that is the one for you according to my will. We have to remember we must seek a Christ-Centered relationship that is according to His will not our own.

This also works in the reverse, Gentlemen … If you run after God like you run after a woman God will give you a woman you won’t have to run after.

All relationships must be Christ-Centered. We must put God before the other person. God will bring that one for you. When we do it our way, it won’t work.

Just trust God, God will bring that person to you at the right time. His timing! Not our time! We cannot do it our way either. We must do it His way! It is Gods way or no way!

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