Kentucky Splash

Kentucky Splash Water Park is located in Williamsburg, KY (Exit 11 off of I-75). It is part of the Hal Rogers Family Entertainment Center. This water park has 18,000 square feet wave pool, a drift river, a kiddy activity pool, triple slide complex, double slide complex, go-kart track, mini golf course, an arcade, batting cage, driving range and more. They are open Monday – Saturday 11 am – 7 pm and Sunday 12:30 – 6 pm. It only cost $1o. Yes, you got that right, $10 for just the water park. I believe they are on 25 acres of land. 

Kentucky Splash

They even offer great prices on concessions as well. I have never been to a water park. I remember as a kid we use to have one in Pigeon Forge called Ogles Water Park, but it has long since been closed. We do have another local huge water park. I haven’t been to it either. But I hear there the lines are huge and it cost a lot to get into. Kentucky Splash is nothing like that big one near me. 

Also note, that I have included their hours, but I am sure their hours are subject to change without notice. Same goes for the admission price. The hours and times were as of the writing of this blog post.

Steve at Kentucky Splash
Steve at Kentucky Splash

One thing that my daughter, Amber pointed out to me is that the water is salty. I noticed it too. It seems you cannot help at times to get some in your mouth. Just don’t drink it!

Castaway River

While I was on the Castaway River, I did get to talk to a few people. One lady from Kingston she said she was here with her church. She gets a season pass to this water park and the water park that is close to me. I am not going to mention that other parks name, because this blog post is all about Kentucky Splash. Her church was going here, so she went with them. I enjoyed the Castaway River, I think a lot of people there call it the lazy river. You can walk, swim, or float around. It is over 900 feet long.

The Lazy River is really slow.  I think it would be cool of the Lazy River had just a little more speed. At times the floats will bump into another person. Made me think I was in a bumper boat almost. Another time one the Castaway River, another person talked to me. She said this was her favorite attraction at Kentucky Splash. She also pointed out a man whose back was bright red. He has a huge sun burn.


Triple Slide Complex

I enjoyed the Triple Slide Complex, I called it the blue slides. A young man I talked to, who was around 16 years old, he said this one is his favorite slide of all of them at Kentucky Splash. His sister with him in line, she looked around 18 or so, she said this was was her favorite too. I tried the red slide and I didn’t quiet like it. Getting stuck in the red slide for a short second, I wouldn’t go any further, so I gave myself a push and it was like I was a bullet in a gun going off. It was dark in the tunnel and then, I noticed the light at the end of the tunnel and sloosh, I was in the water.  My heart was pounding after I got out.

Now the two blue slides, I enjoyed. I liked the one on the right the most. To me it seemed you went faster than the one on the left. I do believe the red one was way too fast for me. This complex is 40 feet tall. One of my many trips on this complex, I little girl about 8 years old, told me she was scared. So I offered her encouragement and told her she can do it. I went down and then I noticed several people behind me she went down. Her face was priceless. She has the biggest grin you can ever see. I did notice that she kept going on that complex.

On the blue slides, if you let your bottom touch the slide you go slower, but if you raise your bottom up and only let the tube touch the slide, you go faster.

Wipe Out Wave Pool

The Wipe Out Wave Pool was fun to go in. I have never been to the beach or the ocean, so i am guess that is almost what it is like. The waves hitting you. You can float, swim or have a tube. The tube would move you around to and fro. This is where my daughter and I first went to. Where she pointed out about the water being salty.

Tad Pole Island

I didn’t get to go to the Tad Pole Island, but it seemed it was more for the very young kids. They do have a bucket that fills up and then dumps and pours on you. I didn’t have a child that young to need to go over to that area. They also have Coast Guard approved life jackets available free of charge. Young children not potty trained must wear swim diapers. They also sell them in the gift shop.


The Aquatwist, I thought about going on this complex, but since I didn’t like the red slide on the Trip Slide Complex, I figured I wouldn’t like this one. I tried to get my daughter to go on the Trip Slide Complex, since it is opened slide. She told me she only likes the open slides. Unlike me, she has been to a water park before. But, she wouldn’t go on the blue one. Yet, she did tell me she tried the yellow one. She said I didn’t want to do the red once, everyone told me you really fast on the red one. She said she didn’t like the yellow one. I just wished I could have got her on the blue slides, because I know she would have enjoyed that one.

Birthdays & Upgrades

You can have your birthday party at Kentucky Splash. They are open toward the end of May and run until around the first week of September or so.  After the first week in August they are only open on weekends. So check their web site before you plan your visit and double check their hours, because those can be subject to change. Kentucky Splash is just over an hour and half drive from me.

You can upgrade your standard water park admission to an all day event package for around $17 more per person and it will include: water park, 3 go-kart rides, 2 batting cage tokens and Unlimited Mini-Golf. You can’t beat that especially if you enjoy all those extra things. Take the family, spend the whole day there!

The Start

Kentucky Splash started off as the cities swimming pool. It was a ran down city pool. They later acquired farm land and began to build the water park. The water park cost around $5 billion dollars to build. Kentucky Splash is the largest Family Entertainment Center in the state of Kentucky. They opened their doors Memorial Day weekend in 2001. Total size of this park is 25 acres and can old 2,500 to 3,000 guest. They also offer FREE parking. Make sure you don’t triple park! You don’t want to be blocked in, so don’t block anyone else in.

4th of July

If you go on the 4th of July, they have special events going on for the Independence Day holiday, including fireworks. I planned to go weekend before the 4th of July, but there was pending storms in the area, I didn’t want to drive up there and they close down. So check the weather before you go! I then wanted to go on the 4th to see the celebration, but that fell through. I went the 5th of July, 2014. It was packed, but I according to a young lady working the cashier spot in the concessions, she said the 4th was crazy and slammed. I guess I would say so, since that is where the city shoots off their fireworks for the 4th of July.

Bible lesson?

You could talk about any of the Bible Stories of the Sea. I plan on starting a series on this blow, called Bible Stories of the Sea. You will want to make sure to follow this blog post to stay posted on those. You could talk about the Noah and the Flood, Jesus Walking on Water, Jonah and the Whale and much more.


I do know that a lot of people do not know what modesty is. My daughter told me the other water park, a shirt is required at all times. Kentucky Splash, no shirt is required over your swim wear. Some people should not have been wearing what they were wearing. I am glad that I went mostly without my glasses or contacts, so everything was a blur looking around. Plus, I wore a shirt the whole time I was there, even on the slides. So if you bring your kids, some people wear not that appropriate

Waiting in lines?

When the first opened, there was not that big of lines, but after about a hour or two of them being open, they had lines. But it didn’t seem to take long to get through the lines. I did over hear that when I went to go get something out of my car around 4 p.m. that they had already sold out for that day. The brochure does say appropriate family wear is required, but I don’t believe it is enforced.


I believed the facility was very clean. One thing that I did notice, people smoked inside of the water park. I am not sure if it was allowed, but they did. Near the back restrooms, you can see cigarette butts in the grass. But, I am sure Kentucky doesn’t have the smoking ban laws that Tennessee does at attractions or so many feet in front of a public building.

Life guards?

Life guards could be seen everywhere! On the slides you have to listen to them to let you know when you can go. So you don’t slide down and hit the person that just went down. I did notice that the male and female lifeguards like to fraternize while they are there. I noticed that one male and one female lifeguard were in the Castaway River, they were very close to each other, almost like a boyfriend and girlfriend. So Christian folks a little heads up on that aspect too. I believe a lot of people are not afraid of a little public display of affection.


I really had fun while I was here. I even read the last chapter of a book, that I was working on.


The food at the concessions was reasonably priced. Not like most other attractions where the food prices are crazy expensive. I got the chicken strip combo and my daughter got the cheeseburger combo. I got 4 pieces of strips and some fries. Plus a 20 ounce Pepsi. My daughter got the cheese burger, she enjoyed it very much. She said she would recommend it. Plus she said she don’t like fries, but she likes Kentucky Splash’s fries.

What friends had to say

I have never been to a water park and I was asking my friends who have been here before what they thought about Kentucky Splash. Here are some of the responses I got.

Aundrea shared with me. We were just there Sunday, June 22, 2014, Love it!!!! Not as much to do as Splash Country but well worth it.

Kent said its wet.

Rachel said Love it! There’s not many people, lines are short, very clean and neatly kept. Food and drink prices aren’t high at all. It’s great.

Final thoughts 

I would recommend this water park, but of course this is the first and only water park that I have been to. They may have a line, but it didn’t seem to take long to get through the line. Other people here visiting Kentucky Splash, were very friendly. Everyone seemed to talk to you, share where you were they are from and all. Plus, I noticed a lot of kids did say excuse me if they needed around. Some didn’t, but most of all the kids that needed around me said, “Excuse me.” That just shows manners matter.

The one thing I will warn on is the smoking inside the water park, if it is not allowed, then it is not enforced, or wasn’t the day of my visit. Plus, the other warning is the modesty of swim wear.

But, I do believe you and the family will enjoy this water park. As the prices are good, the food concession was good too. My daughter got Cheese burger and said she recommends it. I also recommend the blue slides on the Trip Slide Complex, the Wipe Out Wave Pool & the Castaway River. If you have young kids, I am sure they would love the Tad Pole Island. My daughter, Amber, 16 years old, at the time of this visit, she likes the Wipe Out Wave Pool and the Castaway River.

Maybe color are warning, like the red & yellow colored slides. Warning these are fast!

Free Wi-Fi

They have free Wi-Fi, but my iOS device detected the hotspot, but wouldn’t connect. I am not sure if they had a issue at that time or not.

Sunscreen is recommend! Wear sunscreen so you don’t burn your skin. Reapply often!

I did over hear a few people state to other people as I was walking around that there was no room to sit. I got there early when they first opened, and I got a spot. As I always state in my Christian Review to arrive early!

Won’t Cost You an Arm and a Leg

This water park won’t cost you an arm and a leg to go. You can bring the whole family and still have extra money, compared to some other water amusement parks. Also check the weather before you plan to go. They will not refund your money due to closure due to weather related issues.

I also hope to be able to go back some more this year. I hope to be able to go next year, maybe even get a season pass, so go more often. An hour and half drive is not bad for $10 admission fees. I would spend that much time driving to the water park near me with traffic, but the admission cost there is expensive. So, I would rather go here, even though I have never been to that other water park.

Eating at the Park

If you don’t want to eat at the park, you can leave and come back, but make sure your wrist band is securely attached to you. You can bring your own food. You can also go to near by places to eat. There are an ample amount of fast food and restaurants close by too.

If you go, make sure you tell them you heard about Kentucky Splash from Courageous Christian Father.

Your comments are welcome. Tell me about your experience to Kentucky Splash. What did you like or not like? Your family-friendly comments are welcome.

More information at:

Information taken from their web site, their brochure and my visit to the water park.

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