Just Keep Praying Soon It Will All Be Clear

[pullquote]Just keep Praying![/pullquote]Just keep praying soon it will all be clear. Don’t give up praying either. This video by Farris Long entitled “It’s All About to Become Clear” is a good analogy of how important fervent prayer is, non-stop praying, not giving up on prayer. It takes patience, but God will answer. Just keep praying and don’t give up.

Watch how Long demonstrates the importance of continue prayer by using this Gatorade bottle with dark liquid and then running water. Long got this analogy from his mom. Long likes to share other encouraging videos too. Long says people have been praying about some dark situations. It seems no matter how much you praying and nothing is working. But God says keep praying it’s all about to become clear real soon.

pray without ceasing 1 Thessalonians 5:17

The bottle represents the dark stuff in your life. On top of the bottle is a bottle cap. In order for God to work, we need to take the cap off. With the top off it removes the limitations. We expect God to answer in a certain way, instead of God’s way. Keeping the top off allows for God’s way to come in.

The water represents prayer, you keep praying and praying, but things still looks dark and we give up. The reason prayer doesn’t work too well, is because we give up too soon. Just keep praying, before long, what you been praying about it won’t stay dark too long. God may reveal His plan on why he answered us the way He did in that prayer. Keep faith in God. Stand on it and don’t back down. Keep pouring into it. Keep praying. After awhile what was dark, won’t be dark anymore.

Reminds me of Dory from Finding Nemo. Instead of Just Keep Swimming.

Just keep Praying!

We can’t be discouraged when it still seems dark. We must be patient and keep praying in order for it for prayers to show they are moving in our life. If you keep praying shows that you know He is the only one that can do it.

What was once dark, will soon become clear to you.  God will do what He says!

You can also use this to show more you pour or put Christ in your life the clear it gets or you can pour water in and say this is how Christ cleanses us.

If you liked this demonstration then you need to check out this one: You Sin & Christ and how He cleanses us clean from our sin.

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First published Sept. 6, 2014. Republishing April 7, 2015

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