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Jesus Jesus Challenge

Many Christians are countering the Charlie Charlie Challenge with a Jesus Jesus Challenge. A Challenge to step up and share your faith of Jesus. #JesusJesusChallenge

Jesus Jesus Challenge

Jesus Jesus Challenge

Joshua Feuerstein, an evangelist and many other people people are trying to counter the Charlie Charlie Challenge.  Like this video of Feuerstein above. Feuerstein is inviting you to share your faith in Jesus! Feuerstein shares  in this video also …

Yes Jesus will bring you peace. No He will never leave you. Yes He Loves You and No He will never forsake you. 

Others are letting others know that Jesus is the way. The Only way. We should only be talking to Jesus and Him alone. Remember in Romans 10:13 it says …

For “whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved.”

Also in the Jesus Jesus Challenge not only are people challenging you to share your faith of Jesus but also to share Bible verses. Come on Christians wake up and be Bold for Christ. Tell others about Jesus! Share Bible verses and inform them of the dangers of summoning demons like that in the Charlie Charlie Challenge.


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