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I saw this church sign driving down the interstate (November 2012) going to pick up my mom from work. I picked up my mom and then drove to the church to get a picture so I could share with you all, my blog readers. This is from New Life Church in Knoxville. There was also a pretty sunset behind this. (of course I saw the other side, but it says the same on both sides). This church sign reads …

Jesus Christ The Ultimate Volunteer!

New Life Church - Jesus Christ The Ultimate Volunteer
New Life Church – Jesus Christ The Ultimate Volunteer

I think this is great because Jesus was the ultimate Volunteer. He gave Himself freely to save us. There is no greater Volunteer like Him. Even in the state of Tennessee. The State of Tennessee nick name is “The Volunteer State”. Not even the University of Tennessee Volunteers (Vols) either.

Jesus gave all of Himself so we can live. He conquered sin on the Cross and Death where he arose from the Grave. No greater love than one to lay down their life for another. John 15:13 That is the ultimate volunteer there, laying your own life for another. Jesus gave his life for EVERYONE! Not just one person! See John 3:16, we all should know that one. It is the most known Bible verse.

First published November 21, 2012. Republished with addition September 1, 2015

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