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Jefferson City, TN the Icy Frozen Tundra

Jefferson City, TN Frozen Tundra

Jefferson City, TN Frozen Tundra

I think too many people flushed too many ice cubes down the toilet causing the ice to over flow all over outside.

The above picture is what it looked liked around 3 or 4 p.m. on February 16, 2015.

Icy conditions. Even the grass has ice on it, you cannot see it but it is there and clear. My car here is covered in ice, even icicles dripping down. This was suppose to be snow, at first broadcast, but then it turned to sleet. Even the weather forecasters cannot get the weather correctly. Only God knows what the weather will be like. All of this is ice, not snow.

Check out this blog post to read Snowy Day Bible Verses.

I know parts of Knoxville is white from pictures I have seen online. The sleet, rain mix started late Monday morning. I am sure the higher elevations in the area got more. If you have to go out please use caution and be careful.

After 9 p.m. It started to look more white here. Below is updated picture.

Icy Jefferson City at night

Icy Jefferson City at night

Below is the next morning, Tuesday, February 17, 2015 around 7:30 a.m. My doors were frozen shut too.

Jefferson City TN 2/17/15

Jefferson City TN 2/17/15

They say that more snow, ice and/or sleet may come Wednesday as well.

Update! This snow and icy that feel the week of February 16 was about melted by Monday, February 23, 2015. Then, over night, early this morning February 24, 2015 we got about 3-4 inches of snow and still snowing on my way to work.Last week was a little bit of snow, this time we got a good bit. They say we should get more snow.

The children has been out of school all last week and so far Monday & Tuesday this week. (Monday the 16th was a Student Holiday-When the ice started in this winter storm). Tennessee has been called a Natural Disaster. Cumberland County is hit the worse. Cumberland County is in the Cumberland Mountain area.

Below picture is from February 24, 2015

More Snow February 24, 2015

More Snow February 24, 2015

We got another 3 or so more inches of snow on February 26, 2015. I lost count in all this ice, sleet, and snow storms we have been having. I think it was around 6 now, maybe more. Almost seems there’s snow end in sight. (ha ha ha) I choose this time not to share another photo of this crazy winter weather. Tennessee is not made to handle this amount of snow for this long. It all started with an Ice Storm February 16, 2015 — 10 Days later more winter storms. I first published this February 16, 2015 and I am republishing this February 26, 2015 since I kept updating this post with new weather related stuff.

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  1. Sunday and it suppose to warm up, it has melted some, but tonight tomorrow, Monday, suppose to be cold. So I say it will refreeze. We don’t usually keep snow this long in Tennessee. Usually it is here for a day or two and then gone. School was out all week last week.

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