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It’s Not About You, Mrs. Turkey

This is a Children’s Christian Book written by Soraya Diase Coffelt and illustrated by Tea Seroya. This is another book in The Love Letters Book Series on It’s Not About You. This one is called, “It’s Not About You, Mrs. Turkey”.

The ISBN is 978-1-63047-636-6 (paperback)  With the purchase of the book, you also get a free eBook version from bitlit.

This book shows children that Thanksgiving is not about the turkey that we eat and see everywhere but Thanksgiving is made up of two words. The author is portraying a child writing to Mrs. Turkey, the star of Thanksgiving. In this Love Letter it tells Mrs. Turkey what Thanksgiving is all about.

This book in my opinion is a rather easy read and it has a lot of illustrations to help with the story line.

I like how the books says that God gave the pilgrims the idea to move away from where. It also says Thanksgiving is when se give thanks to the true God. I love the word “True” was added before God. Because He is the true God.

Here is a quote from the book …

But even though you are a very special part (that I really enjoy!), Thanksgiving isn’t all about food! There is so much more to this holiday.

Find out about this story of courage and faith that brought the Thanksgiving Holiday to America in this book It’s Not About You, Mrs. Turkey.

It's Not About You, Mrs. Turkey (Book Cover)

It’s Not About You, Mrs. Turkey (Book Cover)

I have been honored to get to review a couple love letter book series of “It’s Not About You” by Soraya Diase Coffelt. I got to review these two books already …

  1. It’s Not About You, Mr. Pumpkin
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You can read about Soraya Diase Coffelt by reading the review of It’s Not About You, Mr. Claus
I was given a free copy of It’s Not About You, Mrs. Turkey to do this review. This is a non-biased review of this book.

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