It’s not about the toy, it’s about the boy

It’s not about the toy, it’s about the boy – Jesus is the reason for the season and all seasons.

It’s not about the toy, it’s about the boy

It’s not about the toy, it’s about the boy - Jesus is the reason for the season and all seasons.

We commercialize Christmas and make it about toys, not Jesus. We often brag about what we get each other or what we got for Christmas. But the greatest Christmas present has already been given to all of us and that is the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

Christmas is not about the toys or gifts we give or get, Christmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ, born to die or for our sins. God sent His Son, Jesus, born of a virgin, to walk the Earth as a human to become the final sacrifice for our sins.

Old saying goes … Jesus is the reason for the season. But I go beyond that Jesus is the reason for all seasons not just during Christmas. We must celebrate his his birth, death burial and resurrection.

The first six letters of Christmas are the most important … Christ … CHRISTmas.

Maybe say it as Christ mas and not Chris mas, as if there is a silent T in it.

Another point about it not about the toy. We cannot take the toys with us to Heaven. Lay your treasures in heaven. We can take each other to Heaven. We need to invest the love of Christ in each other and share Christ with one another. That means everyone regardless, if you think they need it or not.

Everyone we come in contact with is a chance to share the gospel and the love of Christ with.

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